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No severe weather, but cluster of showers/storms (as late overnight scattered showers/storms have congealed in a bit of an MCS) will continue to work through this morning, followed by a dry & partly to mostly cloudy afternoon.  Highs will be mid to upper 70s.

Given falling leaves & downpours, watch for ponding on roads this morning.  Rainfall coverage, on average, will run 60% with some areas receiving over 1″.

Wednesday-Thursday still look dry & very warm with lower 80s.

Peaking Fall Color, But Spring-like Warmth…………….Record Warmth Possible by Mid- & Late-Week

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Ahhhh fall in our area (these pictures were taken in Lafayette today).  David Schmidt sent me these two pics he took as leaves are now peaking.  The third pic shows the beautiful sunset at Wolf Park this evening taken by Monty Sloan.  The fourth, also taken Monday evening, shows the sunset in Cass County near Adamsboro.

We are in that spring/severe weather mode that we see before it turns cold for good.  Tonight, it is humid, rather tropical & warm.  Many areas are holding at 65 degrees even as we approach 11 p.m.

Wednesday & Thursday look dry with highs in the lower 80s with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies.  Forecasting 81 (record-84 set in 1963) Wednesday & 82 Thursday (record-80 set in 1963).

Some areas picked up over 0.60″ of rainfall today, but that is long gone.  In the broad, juicy tropical flow from the south-southwest tonight & early Wednesday, passing showers/t’storms will remain possible (30% coverage).

Wednesday afternoon looks partly to mostly cloudy, breezy to windy from the south-southwest & warm with those highs of 76-79.

Powerhouse winter-like storm of heavy rain, snow & 5 reports of tornadoes in California will move into the Plains & bring a severe weather event/outbreak Thursday-Thursday night with the leftovers of it moving in here most likely Friday morning.  It appears the severe threat will stay just west of us, per current data.

It is unclear how substantial the severe threat may be there, but confidence is high on it staying west of here.




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Warm front & surface wave (low pressure) along it in Illinois continue to eject northward.

Wave of rain/storms is weakening & exiting.  However, a few showers & t’storms have popped courtesy of the spinning surface low, which will keep a few showers & t’storms in the forecast for the evening.

Otherwise, overall, skies are becoming mostly cloudy.

A few more showers & storms  may try to pop late tonight-tomorrow morning & pass through.  Otherwise, tomorrow looks partly to mostly cloudy with highs of 76-79.





Pea-Sized Hail Possible Southeastern Carroll County (Near Cutler to Burlington, Carrollton) & Cass County Near Miami Bend to Near Hoover

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Cluster of rain/storms continues to move through at a good clip.  Back edge of rainfall now near the state line & advancing towards U.S. 41 pretty rapidly.

Potential pea hailer noted in southeastern Carroll County.  This is moving into Howard.

Another potential pea hailer is in Cass County near Miami Bend, headed for Danes & Hoover.

Warm Front Passing Through………..Storm Cluster Along It In Illinois

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1:11 p.m.

Quick-moving wave of showers/storms continues to race into the viewing area.  Back edge is already nearly I-57, so this won’t last long, but downpour & some thunder & lightning are likely.  I cannot rule out a pea- to marble-sized hailer or two, but the severe threat will stay to our west & southwest today.


10:07 a.m.

There have been a few reports of hail in Illinois from storm cluster riding warm front.  It still appears any severe threat will remain southwest & west of here today.  Along & north of the warm front the threat will be a few large hailers.  South of the warm front, where more surface-based storms will occur, a few damaging gusts or even an isolated weak, brief tornado, will be possible.

For us, there may be a pea to marble hailer or two, otherwise, it is just a wave of showers & t’storms early- to mid-afternoon.








Boilermakers let one slip away in Columbus

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For 59 minutes the Purdue football team had Ohio State’s back against the wall and it looked like the Boilermakers were going to sneak out of Columbus, OH with a victory. And then…The Buckeyes woke up and marched down the field for a touchdown and a game tying two-point conversion.

After getting beaten badly the last two weeks by a combined score of 82-27, the Boilermakers showed what most Purdue fans expected on the road in an environment they hadn’t won in since 1988.

The question now is…Where does this team go from here??? It would be easy for this team to fold down the stretch and play uninspired football and tank for the final 5 weeks of the season.

Danny Hope has other plans, “Our football team is a long ways away from giving up. We are going to have a great season and a great team when it is all said and done. We are going to be very proud of ourselves.”

After a brutal start to conference play the schedule gets much easier for Purdue if they play the rest of the season like they did on Saturday.

My expectations have Purdue finishing the regular season 4-1. That would leave the Boilermakers with a 7-5 record. Only time will tell if a 7-5 season with the, “Best team I’ve had at Purdue” will save Coach Hope’s job.

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2012 U.S. Tornado Count & Frequency………..Second Severe Season Underway

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Tornado count is way below normal (nearly the lowest on record) in 2012 & way, way below the record-breaking 2011 count.  On the chart, the black line is the number of U.S. tornadoes as of October 17.  A lot of the tornado action this year occurred in March & April, with much less until recently.  Upper ridging & drought greatly restricted severe storm development over traditional severe t’storm areas this mid to late spring & summer in the Plains & Midwest.  Even now, despite our tremendous drought relief, northern Illinois is in Extreme Drought & much of the western Corn Belt & the Plains are in Exceptional Drought (where there have been large dust storms recently) where the same pattern has held on.

October has been ACTIVE.  Which, you normally have a second severe season in October & November, but on October 17 alone there were 12 tornadoes in eastern Arkansas & Mississipppi, including one significant EF3 (16.25-mile track & 1/2 mile wide).  10 people were injured in this event, but there were thankfully no deaths.

Just on October 13, a tornado carved a 12.5-mile path in northwestern Arkansas near Rogers & a tornado struck near Willard, Missouri (near Springfield).  Additionally, a tornado (EF1) struck the northwest side of Mayfield, Kentucky (western Kentucky).  In this storm event, overall, there was one death & one person injured.

File:2012 United States tornado count.pngThe WSR-88D (Doppler Weather Radar) showed hit and miss thunderstorms (some severe) mainly over the southeast half of the state during the evening hours of 10/17/2012.


Orionids………….Near Record Warmth Wednesday & Thursday with Showers/Storms Monday Evening-Tuesday & Friday

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Orionid Meteor Shower Peaking Early Sunday Morning Generally 1-6 a.m.:

Orionid Meteor shower will peak early Sunday morning.  Look south & up to viewing upwards of 20-25 per hour with the starry skies.  As Earth passes through debri from the remnants of Haley’s Comet’s tail, the meteors will streak overhead.


After chilly start with patchy/areas of fog early Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon looks great with sun & 68-73.  South-southeast winds may gust to 20 mph at times, however.


Warm front will lift through Monday night-Tuesday.  Some showers & storms are likely with this with preliminary timing still Monday evening & night-Tuesday.  Scattered severe threat will exist from north-central Illinois to Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma.  We need to watch & make this doesn’t move too far east into our viewing area.  Highs Monday & Tuesday will run in the 70s.


Wednesday & Thursday look dry, windy, warm & summery with highs around 81 with lows in the 60s.  Forecasting 81, record highs are 84 & 81, set in 1963.

Severe event or outbreak is possible from Wisconsin to Illinois, southward to Oklahoma Thursday evening-Friday.  These storms will pass through our area Friday, but it is currently uncertain whether they will still have their widespread severe capabilities.

Next Weekend-Halloween:

After this, it will cool down into the 50s & 60s next weekend, then a pretty dry cold front will pass, knocking temperatures back to 45-50 on Halloween with a low near 30.

One Last Wave of Showers

October 19th, 2012 at 10:14 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

There is one last wave of showers rapidly approaching fromthe northwest.  So, I need to extend showers in the forecast through part of the overnight.

Late tonight, with holes in clouds (as partial clearing is evident upstream as sliver of dry air mixes in), thinking mostly cloudy is a good morning wording.  Then, skies will become partly cloudy with time.  Despite a breeze, thinking perhaps some fog possible late.

Showery & Chilly…………..with Muddy Football Fields

October 19th, 2012 at 6:23 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Showery & drizzly weather will continue this evening with temperatures falling into the 40s with west winds at 10-15 mph.

It will not be a solid, steady rain, but off & on.  The football fields will be muddy mires!

This will end tonight with some fog/mist possible & lows of 38-41 degrees.  West breeze will continue at 10-15 mph.