Chad Evans

Thank You Everyone & See You Later!

June 16th, 2015 at 2:11 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I am doing this today, rather than Friday, so I have a chance to respond to all of you individually & say goodbye  over the Wednesday-Friday period.  One day is not enough to do that!

My time here has come to an end, but I want all of you to now how much you have meant to me & how much this community has meant to me in the 6 years & over 2 months that I have been here.  The biggest life-changing events I have experienced & the best things that have ever happened to me have occurred here & I have shared all of those events with you.  I was married here, had my two children here, bought our first house here……………….this is & always will be a special place in the book of life…………………….and you have all been a part of it!

I will have a blog in Evansville.  It is unclear when that will go on-line, but I will have an idea soon.  I hope to see you all there, so we can keep in touch.  So, I suppose this really isn’t a goodbye, but a “see you later.”

Thank you again for your reports & dedication & for all the time we have been together through all of the weather events of this area.  From coming here in my late 20s to now leaving in my mid 30s, I have done much growing personally & professionally & I am a different person from when I started here compared to my leaving.  Again, I have gotten to share all of the changes with you.

Please keep in touch all & I look forward to seeing you drop a line in Evansville on the blog!

All the best,