12 P.M. Update

September 1st, 2014 at 11:51 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


Surface cold front runs from Chicago to St. Louis at the moment with lots of low stratus across the area underneath low-level capping (inversion).  Outflow boundary is also progressing through area from the severe weather well west of here last night.  A few showers/t’showers are possible at any point this afternoon as boundary slowly progresses through area.


Thinking this capping will wear off & the sun will appear this afternoon.  With already 1000 J/kg of surface CAPE (given current dew points as high as 76!), once the sun appears, this may soar to 2500 J/kg, but it doesn’t look as unstable as it did yesterday (4000 J/kg).


Stronger wind fields aloft will support more organized storms, but I prefer to keep the wording “isolated severe” rather than “scattered severe” due to less instability expected & just so much low cloudiness lingering on into the afternoon.

This said, short, high-resolution models support storm development along cold front.


This would tend to occur this evening, followed by considerable t’storm activity north of the front overnight.  This could dump locally-heavy rainfall.  Given wet soils, some localized flash flooding is possible.

It looks like the best potential of this is south of U.S. 24 where some +2″ rainfall amounts are possible.


4 Responses to “12 P.M. Update”

  1. I finally got a solid rain total out of Earl Park! A friend on FB who actually lives in EP said they had 4 inches in their gauge. Good thing most ppl will be leaving there this afternoon with the threat of more heavy rainfall in that area!

    Clouds are breaking up here as forecast. Temp is at 79* with a DP of 74*

    MA In REM

  2. Jim says:

    Mary Anne word was between 4-5 inches of rain with more on the way. A lot of campers pulling out now causing a mud mess. Trying to beat rain

  3. Jim says:

    Went to EP last night. I was very shocked to see the amount of young young people drinking. It’s really becoming a drunk fest down there. Did you go ?

  4. Lost my ding dang post…no I dont go anymore. Hubs does not like that festival astmosphere, he’d rather stay home. Used to go quite a bit. Lots of friends down there from when I worked at Kentland Elevator.

    Storms are starting to line up in NW IL. Betting that is our rain for later on.

    MA in REM…saying hello to another lurker just to my south. Good to see you at IGA ;)

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