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7 p.m.

Back edge of the rain is running from Remington to Otterbein to west of Crawfordsville.  Dim sun is appearing in western areas.



5:50 p.m.

Ragged, disorganized showers & t’storms are moving through the area with the back edge of any rain running from New Richmond to about Attica, Pine Village, Kentland & Morocco.

DMA Map IIV168


5:23 p.m.

Even isolated wind threat looks much less.  Gusts 30-40 mph likely with the storms in eastern Pulaski to Fulton to Cass to eastern Clinton & Howard.

Torrential rainfall will occur, but the line looks more & more ragged & continues to be very pulsey & not the most organized.

Again, I would not cancel plans to head downtown Lafayette for Jazz & Blue Fest.  The rain has cut the heat (not the humidity, though) & it will gradually taper in the next 1-1.5 hours.

On a side note, I noticed the heat index at the Carmi Municipal Airport in southeastern Illinois is 114!  Southwest of Vincennes, Indiana at Mt. Carmel Municipal Airport, heat index peaked at 117 at 12:55 p.m. (95 with dew point of 79).  The heat index was recently 114 there.

DMA Map IIV159


5:12 p.m

Its ragged-looking & not particularly organized (typical high-CAPE, low dynamic scenario with more pulsey gusts & bit of hail, than organized, well-defined bow with widespread wind), but two spots have best change of sporadic, brief severe gust:  E. White/Cent. Carroll & E. Montgomery.

Warning continues for Montgomery for a bit longer.

This complex has expanded enough that everyone is going to get rain out of this.

I would not suspend going to the Jazz Fest downtown.  Once this rain ends, it will be a nice evening.  The back edge of the rain is in far western Warren County.

162DMA Map IIV


4:43 p.m.

Severe T’Storm Warning NE Fountain/NW to Central Montgomery counties.

60 mph core NW to W of Crawfordsville & gust to 54 mph possible N. Tippecanoe & 55 mph White Co.

WLFI gust to 39 mph from NW at onset, then in middle of torrential rainfall, wind suddenly went NE & gusted to 43 mph with greatly reduced visibility.

Torrential rainfall will lead to flash flooding.

160163DMA Map IIV


4:23 p.m.

Lack of dynamics has made this a pretty ragged bow, but it is a bow nonetheless.

High CAPE may lead to a few isolated severe gusts & perhaps some hail.

At any point a random warning may come out with any of the  sporadic, isolated 60 mph gusts.

Measured gust of 39 mph at WLFI from the storms as they arrived.

Torrential rainfall is accompanying the storms, which may produce flash flooding.

They are moving pretty fast & will get out of here reasonably quickly overall this evening, but it may absolutely pour in torrents for a while.

Three areas currently have the highest chance of a brief severe gust:

1.  NW Montgomery

2.  N. Tippecanoe

3.  N. White



14 Responses to “Updates”

  1. maybelater says:

    Skies are looking dark and it’s getting pretty windy.

  2. Linda says:

    Is it too much to ask that WLFI hire people that have had some practice detailing severe weather!! We are in White County specifically watching WLFI because severe weather appears to be right here any moment. Instead your “weekend part-timer” focuses on the severe weather south of Lafayette!!

  3. Jim says:

    Wind gust in Kentland 42 mph

  4. cathy says:

    Got real windy an the temp dropped quickly

  5. O No Moe says:

    In other news it’s snowing in Utah mountains.

  6. Teri says:

    Nice rainfall where I am. Did get dark with wind and distant thunder.

  7. Jim says:

    Chad Jazz Festival suspended?

  8. maybelater says:

    Looks like wind has subsided, just moderate rain with some thunder now. Looks like storm might be breaking up.

  9. O No Moe says:

    Getting dark to the west. Winds picking up to about 10 MPH out of the NW. I feel a cool breeze, so nice.

  10. Teri says:

    Measured 0.57″ of new rainfall. Cooled down but still muggy, no air moving

  11. Beth says:

    starting to hear thunder again here in West Lafayette. Had stopped for awhile.

  12. Amazing reports! Even from Jim! I keep hearing rumbling thunder but we still only have .06 rain!

  13. O No Moe says:

    Still nothing here, must be wind gusts from the storms dying out.

  14. Jim says:

    Mary Anne really calm here now. Got needed rain ! Looks like all clear in Lafayette now. Hope the festival continues.

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