2:10 P.M. Update

July 13th, 2014 at 1:55 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Main bow/segment of line occurred in Newton/Benton.  Wind gust measured at 44 mph at Kentland & Fowler.  WLFI gusted to 32 mph with t’storms this morning.  No severe weather has been reported, however & no severe gusts were measured.

Here is images as that bow/segment was coming into Newton/Benton before weakening.


It is a warm, humid day.  I have 83 with a dew point of 72 with sun as of 2:10 p.m.

Line of strong to severe storms will line up from Ohio to southern Illinois.  Watches are likely in that zone.  Already one watch is up for southeastern Indiana to western Pennsylvania, Ohio & northern Kentucky & West Virginia.  Main threat is wind.

As for us, a few storms are possible this evening as some storms come in from the northwest with weak shortwave trough.  Isolated severe wind/hail is possible with it.


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  1. I forgot to look at my anemometer before midnight yesterday! We had pretty gusty winds all afternoon. And we had some in the wee hours of this morning as that line came through. It was blowing pretty “good” but I stayed in bed (victory for me, LOL). A farmer friend who lives just south of Remington in Benton CO has corn blown down. Here in town we have some pretty healthy sized limbs and parts of trees down as well.

    It is 83* with a dew point of— hmmmmm….just dropped from 71* to 68*! Good news, coming down! Sky is definitely clear in the west and northwest sky. Radar is clear for most of the country! headed to the patio to swing and read :-)

    MA in REM

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