5:40 P.M. Update

July 12th, 2014 at 5:16 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

The heat is like a wall to our west.  It is currently 96 at St. Louis’ Lambert Airport.  Some weather stations are reading as high as 99 in the St. Louis area, while the 90-degree line resides across central Illinois.  As far north as Peoria & Bloomington, Illinois, heat indices are near/over 100.

For us, after dim sun, large area of altocumulus convective debri has overspread the area.  Skies are overcast at West Lafayette now.  This is keeping temperatures between 76-81, but dew points are in the 68-74 range.  Winds are gusty from the south & southwest.  Warmest is Covington at 81 with dew point of 73 & Kokomo with 81 & a dew point of 70.

I have 78 with a dew point of 72 after 0.26″ rainfall earlier.  Kentland picked up 1.04″, Morocco 0.70″, but Frankfort 0.09″.


18z NAM shows the storms forming a line just northwest of our area at 10 p.m. & bring them through overnight before their rains completely exit Sunday morning.  Then, with sun & break with breezy, very warm, humid conditions, new broken line of storms pops later in the day.

Scattered severe gusts are still possible tonight.  Isolated small hail/brief, weak tornado cannot be ruled out.  Also, broken line tomorrow may have have a few severe gusts/bit of hail.

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7 Responses to “5:40 P.M. Update”

  1. Ryan H in WL says:

    Storms firing up nicely in Iowa and Illinois.

  2. Thankfully we did not heat up like that today. I have several radars warmed up watching storms to the NW ;)

    Thanks for updating us, Chad. It is so comforting to me that I can come here and get an updated forecast for our area.

    Temp of 77* with a dew-point of 74*.

    MA in REM

  3. Jim says:

    Amen Mary Ann

  4. Ryan H in WL says:

    I think storm arrival times will need to be pushed back some.

  5. Matthew says:

    Most of the storms that have developed out west don’t seem very strongly built any more, fall more into mostly yellow with smaller red cores.

  6. Just read on Tom Skilling’s blog that a weather watch will likely be issued for my area. The first one is until midnight so that means we are in for mid-night/early morning storms up here. Drat! I see one severe t-storm warning and the rest are flood warnings.

    Ready to stay up late Jim??

  7. Just was closing blinds and whoa…there is the super moon!!

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