Warm, Muggy Night with Derecho to Our Northwest (Gusts As High As 96 mph With It!)

June 16th, 2014 at 10:11 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Highs today ranged from 86-90 with the heat index as high as 96. 

Even at 10:25 p.m., temperatures are still 75-80.


Derecho continue to work through Minnesota & Iowa & is now entering southwest Wisconsin.  Winds have gusted to 96 mph in Minnehaha County, South Dakota.  At Waterloo, Iowa, the winds were SUSTAINED at 60 mph for 3 minutes with a gust of 75 mph in Franklin County, Iowa & gust to 75 mph in Butler County, Iowa.  Signficant structural damage was reported near Mason City, Iowa.  Wind gusted to 80 mphat Estherville, Iowa.  A wind gust of 85 mph was measured in Jackson County, Minnesota & 81 mph in Murray County, Minnesota.

Widespread, significant straight-line winds continue with it. 

However, very high winds are occurring with just rain in the comma head of derecho as the air pressure drops extremely fast with its passage.  This is followed by rapid pressure rise as the derecho races east & southeast & the comma head (Bookend Vortex) pivots northeastward.

Winds are gusting 50-60 mph from the east & northeast with rain in southeastern Minnesota. Winds are sustained at 38 mph & gusting to 49 mph currently near Austin, Minnesota.

All this said, damaging will carry it all the way to northeast Illinois.  High-res models keep it north of our area tonight, HOWEVER, I still think it needs to be watched.  It still has the potential to clip our northern counties.

Otherwise, a couple isolated storms are still possible overnight-early tomorrow morning. 

It looks hot, humid & capped tomorrow.  An outflow boundary from the storms to our north will be in the area tomorrow.  An isolated storm or two could pop through the cap, but it may prove difficult.  We will monitor.



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  1. Autumn says:

    Headin right for my sister northern suburbs of Chicago. :(

  2. Did you sister have damage, Autumn?

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