Warmest Day of 2014 (So Far)……Outlook to Wednesday

April 12th, 2014 at 10:41 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Today was the warmest day so far in 2014!

Purdue Aiport ASOS reached 77, while we hit 78 at WLFI.  Warm spot was Covington with 80, while our Crawfordsville unit had 79,  Kokomo Municipal Airport AWOS 79, Grissom ARB ASOS 78 & Fulton County Airport AWOS 78.

It was also windy with very strong south-southwest winds.

Tonight will be breezy & warm with lows only around 60!

Clouds will increase Sunday with windy conditions & showers & t’storms by evening-night.  Highs of 73 in the northwest to 80 in the far southeast (76 Lafayette) look good.


Rain may linger into part of Monday with temperatures falling from the 50s to 40s by late afternoon.

0.50-1″ of rainfall is still likely with isolated 1-1.25″ amounts in our northwestern areas.

At this point, it still looks as if the severe threat will stay just west & southwest of our area.


Lows near 32 look good for Monday night with sunshine, strong winds & only 45-50 Tuesday (25-29 Tuesday night).  The blooming magnolias in the Lafayette area may get burned Tuesday night, unfortunately.  They are beautiful!


Wednesday will warm into the 50s, however.

7 Responses to “Warmest Day of 2014 (So Far)……Outlook to Wednesday”

  1. next weekend looks cooler then this weekend but lets see

  2. Jim says:

    Travis next week looks cooler in am but then spring is back. What you think. Cardinals Wood Peckers taking over back yard. Put out peanut logs they love them. Seems the grass is getting greener Maintence on mower today. It’s that time.

  3. g’mornin’..typing w left hand..could not stay away any longer, lol. friday was perfect in my book, yesterday was nice but too windy! are we ever satisfied?? our purple martins are back, so good to hear them, hear themn and all the other familiar bird sounds,

    windows wide open for one more day. we dodged some nasty storms NW of us yesterday. anyone see that radar? solid yellow and red in WI and then MI. roofs torn off bldgs and damaging hail.

    off to Sunday school and worship services. have a blessed palm sunday!

    ma in rem

  4. yeah spring is back this is Indiana anything can happen lol
    jim you know that

  5. Doug in Flora says:

    Had a high of 78 yesterday. Currently 75.9 here.

  6. Jim says:

    Mary Ann get healthy

  7. trying jim ;) thunder in Remington!

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