Palm Sunday Outbreak: April 11, 1965

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Palm Sunday Outbreak, April 11, 1965

Eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin & northern Illinois were the first to have the tornadoes, before new supercells formed in far northern Indiana on this infamous day in weather history.  In our area there were two main supercells that produced the twisters.  Both supercells occurred on/near the triple point of the storm system that day.

Supercell #1 carved a 47-mile path of heavy damage (with some breaks in between) from 3 separate F4 tornadoes from Tippecanoe to Howard & Grant counties.  The deaths began & mounted in Howard County when 100 homes & an apartment complex were leveled by the twister.  18 people lost their lives & 600 were injured in Howard County alone & 90% of all the buildings in Russiaville were damaged or destroyed.  The trail of death & destruction continued all the way to the Ohio line, when the storm began to weaken.  An additional 10 people were killed & 191 injured once the tornado left Howard County.  This was first classified as F5, the downgraded to F4.  Some meteorologists consider this an F5.  Many homes were completely obliterated & swept away with only a foundation left.  Up to 1 mile wide “double funnels” were observed with this monster tornado.

Supercell #2 blew up in Fountain County & carved a 45-mile path across Montgomery, Boone & Hamilton counties.  An F4 tornado destroyed numerous homes & businesses across Montgomery County, killing 2 people & injuring 13.  $25 million dollars in damage was done (in 1965 dollars!) in Montgomery County alone.  This, by far, still stands as Montgomery counties costliest natural disaster.  In total, this tornado killed 28 & injured 123 across Montgomery, Boone & Hamilton counties.  54 homes were destroyed & 11 persons were killed in Lebanon.  25 homes were destroyed near Sheridan & 10 more persons were killed.  Some meteorologists consider this an F5.  This tornado was also up to 1 mile wide.

Any personal accounts of the tornadoes are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Cliff says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH How well I remember seeing that monster!! Never was so terrified in my life!

  2. Cliff says:

    Some can’t comprehend the terror this was…A day I knew “we” were going to die a horrible death!!

  3. cliff.. would u share ur story with me? i remember that day as well. i was not close to the storms that day but remember the feel of the air and how the sky looked!

    ma in rem

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