Beautiful Sunday, Miserable Monday………Great Wednesday-Sunday Afternoon

April 5th, 2014 at 3:17 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Wednesday-Friday rainfall totals from ASOS/AWOS, private automatic & automatic WLFI stations are below.  Time constraints this go-around have delayed this map & prevented me from a more detailed map of all totals in the area.


Sunday looks great, but Monday looks pretty miserable.

Wind will be north & north-northeasterly & strong with gusts to 37 mph.  That wind will be off of an icy-cold Lake Michigan.  Although our southeastern counties may see 50s to near 60, everyone else will likely stay in the 40s.

Rainfall amounts look higher, too with pretty steady, wind-driven light to moderate rain through most of the day.  0.50-1″ looks good area-wide with lightest amounts in the northwest.

This will prolong river flooding & create ponding, but no substantial to significant flooding is expected.


The good news is that the rain will be gone by Tuesday & late week & into next week look great (as long as you don’t mind strong winds).  Highs of 70, 68, 70 & 70 look good for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  The strong, dry winds will greatly dry & warm the soils, too!

Showers/storms are likely Sunday evening-night, followed by much cooler weather Monday with highs in the 48-55 range with a potential freeze Monday night (April 14-15) at 27-31.


8 Responses to “Beautiful Sunday, Miserable Monday………Great Wednesday-Sunday Afternoon”

  1. O No Moe says:

    The sun sure was nice but the breeze feels like it’s coming off the ice filled lakes. 48 F here, the ground is drying out again but looks like it will be soaked again.

  2. Jim says:

    Awesome Spring Day. Black Birds Cardinals invaded yard. Grill Smoking !

  3. Jan says:

    That’s what I’m talkin about!!!!! What a beautiful day it has been. My yard is coming along!!!!!

  4. Jim says:

    Awesome Day Jan

  5. ~Sher~ says:

    For the FIRST time in a LONG time I’m feeling we’ve seen the END of the SNOW for this Winter Season :)

    *Spring Fever* :)

    *Go Wisconsin Badgers* :)

  6. go texas rangers whooooo

  7. Jim says:

    Sher love to see Wiscson Conn

  8. Jim says:

    Every one have a great night. Another Beautifull day tomorrow.

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