Snowflake Pics & Morning Update

January 15th, 2014 at 9:19 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


GIANT Flakes Yesterday Like Tree Leaves Reported & Photographed………….

Thank you for the snow flake pics Autumn!  Cali, looks like Autumn did get some pics of the flakes from yesterday.

She said the pics don’t do it justice, but they look incredibly large on here!

I was a beautiful site here in West Lafayette with the large flakes, but these were even larger in Warren County!


Minor Snowfall Yesterday & More Overnight-This Morning……..Up to 1″ Measured In the Viewing Area As of 9:15 a.m………

The large flakes caused up to 0.6″ of snow to rapidly accumulate yesterday.  Be aware of some slick spots from snow lastnight & this morning.

I measured 0.2″ of snowfall of baking flour-type snowfall at West Lafayette.  The highest total has been 1″ in northern Pulaski County with another two reports of 1″ from CoCoRaHS from far northwestern Pulaski.  All other reports in the area are 0.5″ or less from overnight-this morning snowfall.  Totals will remain at 1″ or less with perhaps a fluffy 1-1.5″ in the far north.

Flurries/snow showers continue, but will taper with time.  The heaviest snow showers are currently in Montgomery, Boone & Tipton counties with visibility down to 0.75 mile in spots.

In these snow showers, accidents always seem to develop on 65.  Be careful out there in your travels!!

Some partial clearing will occur, but it will be breezy & cold all day with highs only at 22-26.


In terms of this morning, we have a dusting at West Lafayette with 19.0 degrees & a brisk west wind dropping the wind chill to 4.

11 Responses to “Snowflake Pics & Morning Update”

  1. Jim says:

    Autumn what great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Saw some big flakes yesterday covered the ground less than .5 inch. Looked very festival . I will take this over last week any time.

  2. Autumn says:

    I like the middle one.. That big flake whizzing by in the lower left.

  3. Autumn says:

    I will take a snowstorm Jim. LOL. Ill take whatever I can get. Honestly though I adore ALL the seasons for various reasons. Winter for snow of course. Spring for the excitement I have for all things that grow. ( this includes what many would refer to as weeds). I spend countless hours perusing my property spying what is popping up. My neighbors probably think I’m a lunatic. I know this land like the back of my hand. We have 15 acres split up into natural plant areas and gardens. I am guessing Chad relates to me somewhat this way.. He seems like a plant guy. I also love to study & use the wild edibles that grow in our woods and our prairies. There is food growing naturally everywhere! Summer I’m busy with veggie/flower and I have a large medicinal and culinary herb garden. I often sell arts/crafts/veggies/herbs at the Attica farmers market. Then fall of course.. Who I was named after! Who doesn’t like harvest time? I wouldn’t want to live in any other climate more than ours. Sorry for rambling!

  4. Beth says:

    Autumn, I have several friends who would all pack up and move to someplace warm in a heartbeat and they think I’m nuts for wanting to stay here but I could never live anywhere that didn’t have a change of seasons no matter how tired I get of snow or hate the bad storms we can get…I could never live somewhere that was the same year round…how boring! LOL

  5. Autumn says:



  6. Jeana says:

    Some of my co-workers have mentioned another snow storm coming that will be worse than this last one. Anyone heard or know anything about this?

  7. Jim says:

    Autumn sounds like a great hobby. Love to see that . Jeana haven’t heard that bad news hopefully it won’t happen. Stay warm everyone.

  8. Cali_Sun says:

    Woah those are big, they look like snowballs. Thanks for the post Chad and thanks Autumn for capturing those pictures for us who missed it. :)

  9. Autumn, what great pics! The flakes here were huge, too! And…close together, lol..didn’t take long for the ground to be covered. I always think of the snow globes when I see flakes that large :-)

    Some friends of ours are leaving for FL –well, was going to be tomorrow but now they are thinking of heading out now before that wind and snow hit. Yikes, this is certainly a wild and woolly winter!! Better go feed those birds again!

    Take care all!

  10. Fall, or Autumn is also my fave season. I’ve always wondered if it was because I was born in October that i like fall so well. Mostly I think it is due to I do not handle hot and humid weather well. Fall, the sky seems brighter (hence the film of humidity is gone), the temps are cooler and drier…I breathe in the sights and sounds of fall. I like Spring as well…but that brings severe storms which I detest.

    I’m rambling and who is here to listen to me ramble as there is a new blog post :-)

  11. Autumn says:

    Cali_Sun no problem! It’s been a while since I’ve sent photos to Chad.. Glad to do it.

    Jim it might be more an obsession. :)

    Jeana I’m clueless about a big one.

    Mary Anne Thanks.. Please ramble! :) . My son was born in Oct. too. :)

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