Outlook to January 22

January 11th, 2014 at 11:23 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

NWS River Forecasts:

Wabash at Covington is forecast to crest 2′ below flood stage.

Flood Warnings continue for Wabash at Lafayette & Kankakee River in northwestern Newton County.

The Iroquois River at Foresman & Rensselaer will remain below flood stage.


Sunday looks good, but windy.  High near 46 with partly cloudy skies with be dominated by southwest wind to 34 mph at times.

With 37, gusts of 40 mph are possible tomorrow night.

Some showers are possible Monday, which may change to a few snow showers, but it doesn’t look like a big deal.  Highs will be in the 40s, then fall into the 30s with windy conditions.

Clipper Tuesday will bring wind & some snow showers.  Minor accumulations of 1″ or less are possible.  Clipper may develop into Northeast storm with 5-11″ over the Northeast from New York to Maine.

20s & 30s Wednesday-Friday will give way to clipper snow showers by Friday with minor accumulations of 1″ or less.

Beyond Friday, 20s & 30s will dominate next week to mid-next week.  At that point, clipper may pass with highs near 40.  It may bring a few rain & snow showers.

14 Responses to “Outlook to January 22”

  1. Teri says:

    Ah, high near 46* will feel nice, even though it will be windy:)

  2. ~Sher~ says:

    SUNSHINE does wonders for one’s spirit :)

  3. Cali_Sun says:

    I agree Sher….now only if the weather remains like this for the rest of the winter season. :)

  4. ~Sher~ says:

    AMEN to that Cali :)

    If it’s not being too personal..may I ask if you are from California?

    Just curious since my Sis lives there..keep telling her every Winter that I’m going to come & stay with her the entire Winter Season ;)

  5. Ryan H in WL says:


  6. Cali_Sun says:

    @Sher. Yup, born and raised.

    Seem like a good idea to spend winter in California :) . I’ve myself considered it since 95% of my family lives in the West coast primarily in Oregon and California.

  7. Lisa M says:


  8. ~Sher~ says:

    @Cali…thx for the reply :)

    I’m guessing you had a good reason to move from California to Indiana ;)

    I’ve often thought that if I had lived and/or moved to California there’s no way I’d move to Indiana…doubt if my Sis would ever come back unless there was a family health issue ;)

    Just got an email from my Sis..she’s celebrating the 49ers win..told her to enjoy because they’ll prob get their butts beat by Seattle next week ;)

  9. ~Sher~ says:

    Lisa? ;)

  10. Teri says:

    Was a nice day! Temp is 41.2*. Hope you could all get out and enjoy:)

  11. ~Sher~ says:


    *sounds like role call* ;)

    Yes indeedy it was a GREAT Winter day…each day WITHOUT snow is one day closer to SPRING :)

  12. ML in Rochester says:

    Back to school tomorrow…..

  13. Autumn says:

    ML.. My kids were putting on their brakes BIG TIME this morning. :(

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