88 Fairbanks, AK……Frost Northern Minnesota & Wisconsin…..What Is Up?

July 29th, 2013 at 11:24 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

It was 88 yesterday at Fairbanks, Alaska & 85 at McGrath, Alaska.  Bettles, 35 miles NORTH of the Arctic Circle hit 78.

This morning’s low at Fairbanks was 64 and an INCREDIBLE 54 at Bettles!

Meanwhile, temperatures dropped to 35 in northern Minnesota & Wisconsin, while we dropped to 50 at WLFI after 48 yesterday morning.

What is up?

Massive blocking ridge over western Canada & Alaska is bringing record warmth there (brought one of the driest Julys on record to Seattle), while massive, blocking ridge to our east is bringing warm weather to Greenland.

Seattle’s trace of rain for the entire month of July was a record for the month for dryness as the on-going drought continues.

Lush, moss-covered Quillayute, Washington had at race for the month of July with a 91 on the 16th!

Here, temperatures have recently been well-below normal at record/near record cool levels.

Many times, such an anomalous pattern develops as the stratosphere warms in the Arctic, usually the result of less ozone.

In 2009, we had a similar pattern, for a much longer period of time with warmer weather in Alaska than many times here.  Contrastingly, last summer, Alaska had an incredibly cold summer with tremendous heat here.

North America ii

Lows this morning ran 46-54, while highs today were 75-79.


Will the cooler-than-normal weather end?  Yes, but don’t count on intense 95-degree summer heat up to August 12.  It appears that kind of heat will have a hard time pushing northeastward, like it appeared last week.

It will likely remained locked up to the west.  However, it will get quite warm to hot again.  After 80 to 85 this week, 87-92 look possible by next weekend.  Normal rainfall, overall is expected through August 12, after what has been a pretty dry regime in July.  We have only received half our normal rainfall at WLFI in July with our northwestern counties only seeing 20% of normal rainfall for the month.

If not for the recent cool weather, crops would start to show some dry weather & heat stress.  Luckily normal to above-normal rains in May-June & a very wet January & April have led to a nice supply of subsoil moisture for crops & plants in general.

Heavy, flooding rains will set up on the edge of the western heatwave across the Plains & mid-Mississippi Valley with frequent bouts of severe t’storms, as well.

Here, we will be on the edge of some of these showers & t’storms.  So, from time to time some scattered showers & t’storms will pass, but they do not look especially heavy or widespread through August 12.

4 Responses to “88 Fairbanks, AK……Frost Northern Minnesota & Wisconsin…..What Is Up?”

  1. mike in dayton says:

    We dont need the stinking heat. Be happy for this beautiful weather. All we need is some 90′s to ruin an otherwise perfect summer so far.

  2. Doug in Flora says:

    Keeping cool weather here…will keep the T-Rexs away…I think… ;-)

  3. Agree with both of you guys!! This has been a beautiful summer so far. For me at least, LOL. This is perfect, no AC and no furnace. Who could ask for more? Watching closely as rain approaches from the west. We could us a nice all-day soaking rain for sure!

    MA in REM

  4. Mike says:

    this summer sucks I want 90s

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