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UPDATE 1:50 P.M.:  Cold front is moving southeastward through southern part of viewing area & cooler, less humid air is flowing in.  The humidity will continue to drop through the afternoon-evening with very comfortable lows tonight at 53-57 with a nice northeast wind at 5-15 mph.

Tomorrow looks perfect with mostly sunny skies & highs of 77-80 with northeast winds at 10-20 mph.  With clear skies & east-northeast winds at 5-10 mph, we will drop to 51-55 tomorrow night.  Highs of 78-82 are likely Thursday with mostly sunny skies.

UPDATE 9:52 A.M.:  Some of you received some rain this morning as line of showers/t’storms gusted out & collapsed.  Wind gusted to 40 mph at Morocco  & 34 mph at Rensselaer.  Mary Anne measured 0.17″ of rain, while at WLFI we received just 0.02″.

Right now, old, remnant MCV is producing the nice display of altocumulus castellanus clouds with some nice, puffy tops.

Actual surface cold front is at Chicago right now with nice, puffy altocumulus castellanus with it, as well.

Actual cold front will work through by early afternoon with a couple spotty showers/t’storms possible.

UPDATE 1:38 A.M.:  Weakening, compact, linear MCS (complex of showers & storms) may produce gusty winds (some locally strong to severe) as it moves in & passes tonight-early Tuesday morning across area.  Winds have recently gusted to 58 mph in Kane County, Illinois.  Some of the gusts north of Kankakee are running around 40 mph.

Strong/severe gusts (45-60 mph) do not look widespread with these being localized in a broader wind field of just gusty winds of 30-40 mph .


Highs today ranged from 83 to 90 with heat indices ranging from 85 to 93 degrees.  We were right on the edge of a substantial heat wave with widespread 100s in the Rockies & Plains.  Chicago’s O’Hare Airport reached 87 & we had 86 at WLFI, while St. Louis reached 93 & Kansas City at 97.


On the edge of the heat wave & just ahead of a cold front in an area of nice upper forcing is a linear MCS in Iowa & Wisconsin with a history of large hail & damaging winds.

Although it will weaken with approach, its leftovers may hang on long enough to a few strong to severe gusts here late tonight-tomorrow morning.


6 Responses to “Update”

  1. I see more have popped in SE WI.

  2. Bud if you see this…sometime during the night we got .17 inch rain!


  3. Bud says:

    @Mary Anne…Well, it certainly wasn’t a gully washer, but you got a drink. I had .02″. The line died out just as Chad predicted it would. One of these days we will get a rain system shared by all:-) Looks like a few pleasant days ahead.

  4. Bud says:

    Just curious Mary Anne…How much rainfall have you folks had up that way in July? I’ve recorded 3.60″ with rainfall on 9 days. That total is mostly on 3 days with a .41″, 1.03″, and a 1.73″ rain.

  5. Teri says:

    What a picture perfect day weather wise:)

  6. ML in Rochester says:

    Wonderful weather….Hope everyone is enjoying it.

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