Storm Reports & River Flooding Information

April 11th, 2013 at 1:17 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

1-3.5″ of rain fell from storm system with scattered areas of flooding on roads.  Flood warning for Wabash with crest in a few days:



Trees Down – 1.5 Miles Northeast Kirklin

0.25″ Hail – South Lafayette

0.25″ Hail – Klondike

0.25″  Hail – Battle Ground

1.00″ Hail – Kokomo

1.00″ Hail – Converse

0.25″ – Greentown

0.50″ – East of Greentown

1.00″ Hail – 2 Miles Northeast of Dayton

1.00″ Hail – 2 Miles West of Darlington

0.88″ – Darlington

0.88″ Hail – South of Dayton

1.00″ Hail - East of Dayton

0.25″ Hail – Windfall

1.00″ Hail – New Ross

M51 mph Gust – Crawfordsville

E45 mph – Ladoga

0.50″ Hail – WLFI-TV


Many trees & some powerlines down near Mulberry

M64 mph:  Rossville WLFI Tower Site Weather Station

Several large limbs down south of tower site weather station

M52 mph:  Crawfordsville

M60 mph:  Frankfort

M45 mph:  Kokomo

M43 mph:  Kokomo Municipal Airport

M38 mph:  Burlington

M37 mph:  Grissom Air Reserve Base

M34 mph:  Pine Village

M33 mph:  Michigantown

3 Responses to “Storm Reports & River Flooding Information”

  1. Ken - Mulberry says:

    Chad – thank you for being awake and keeping us updated through the wee hours during the storm. It was comforting to know at 1:20 a.m. that I could power up the PC and come to this blog and get updates from you and other blog participants.

  2. chris in idaville says:

    +1 ken…even though spring storms make me sleep like a baby.

  3. Doug in Flora says:

    Spring storms don’t bother me, unless we have violent thunder and lightning. Too many reminders of artillery and rocket attacks in Vietnam. Yech! :-(

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