Nice Weekend! Brief Bout of Chilly Weather, Then Spring-like with Nearly 6 Dry Days (Followed by That Above-Normal Precip)

March 31st, 2013 at 11:00 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  The weather was certainly nice with 59 at WLFI Saturday & 61 today with any showers confined to Saturday night-early Sunday & late this evening-tonight (with secondary cold front).

Cold front has moved through with a few showers & gusty winds.  After that 61 today, it is now 45 behind front.

Bryan Meharry caught a nice shot of a rainbow with a few of these approaching showers this evening at the Purdue Research Park in Lafayette.  In the second pic, Holly Chilcot snapped a photo of an Easter rainbow with a passing evening shower near Buck Creek, in Tippecanoe County.  In the third pic, Ryan Harber’s photo shows a rainbow in West Lafayette (with snow pile remains of last Sunday-Sunday night’s heavy snow) looking towards Sagamore Parkway (U.S. 52) & Nighthawk.

10Holly Chilcotryan

Kathy Golden caught a pic of the nice cumulus clouds of Eastern Sunday in the first pic.  Kaitlyn Sullivan caught the Easter rainbow after a brief shower at U.S. 52 & Klondike Road in West Lafayette (looking east).

kathy goldenKaitlyn sullivan


Area of scattered snow showers will pivot southeastward out of Iowa & Missouri behind front later tonight-early Monday.  So, some scattered flurries & snow showers are possible in places with lows near 33.  A few of you may have your grass whitened &/or car top/home roof whitened.  However, highs by afternoon will run near 42 with partly to mostly cloudy skies.

After two nights at 20-25 degrees, it will turn much warmer to end the week after near 6 dry days.  Mid to upper 60s are possible Friday & even 70 is possible in places Saturday.  However, some showers & t’storms are possible late Saturday-Saturday night & into Sunday.  Highs Sunday look to be in the 60s.

I think very early fieldwork (ammonia application) may begin this week with even some farmers spraying for winter-early spring annuals like henbit & chickweed in fields, due to drier weather.

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  1. Mary Anne Best says:

    We had a heavy shower(s) yesterday afternoon with small hail or graupel.

    MA in REM

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