Tough end to Purdue’s season

March 26th, 2013 at 11:52 pm by under Sports 18

Only one team goes home happy at the end of the year. That is just the truth. However, it was very sad to see the Purdue women’s basketball team’s season come to an end against Louisville.

It’s always tough speaking to the players when their season has come to an end. For some of them it is the end to their careers!

Purdue’s Sam Ostarello was one of those players that saw her career end with this loss. I have always enjoyed covering Sam ‘O’ over these past years. She has been one of my favorites. She was the final one I spoke with in the locker room after the game. She always jokes with me and holds my microphone instead of letting me hold it like I do for everyone else. She grabbed the mic and said, “one last time, right?” She made me tear up a little when she said that.

What a great career she had! I wrote about all of her stats in the article about the loss. She was a special player just as Chantel Poston and Drey Mingo were. Purdue head coach Sharon Versyp shared her thoughts on the three seniors.

“Chantel Poston has been a part of an Elite 8 and two Big Ten Tournament teams,” said Versyp. “She is just an amazing young woman. I am very proud of Chantel. I just wish she could have played more this year. Sam is one of the best rebounders that we have every had at Purdue. She has grown immensely. She is a young kid and started our program at 17. With her growth, she will have potential to play at the next level. With Drey, it doesn’t matter anything about basketball, she is alive. She has taught us more about everything. It doesn’t matter about rings, national championships, Sweet Sixteens; this is a young woman that battled back from bacterial meningitis who almost died and lost her hearing. For her to have that uniform on, and to win a Big Ten Championship and win MVP of that, and to now probably have a WNBA career or play overseas before she becomes a docto. I think that will be a great exclamation point on her career.”

This team has been through a lot over the past few years! The Boilers have endured this season that saw assistant coach Terry Kix battle stomach cancer. They played their hearts out for her and I know she is very proud of them!

I am shocked but not shocked that the Boilers lost this game. If that makes any sense. Louisville is a good team. I knew they had a chance, especially on their home floor! Speaking of that, Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino was in the crowd and was helping lead with the cheers! That was pretty cool! The crowd did play a factor in the game and helped swing momentum Louisville’s way. I really thought this was the Boilers year to go to the sweet 16 though. They were playing great basketball entering this game. However, it only takes one off night for the season to come to an end. Purdue had an off night! So, I guess I was wrong on my prediction. It wouldn’t be the first time.

So, this brings and end to my trip. It has been a fun one! I now get to drive home and enjoy a few days off. Thanks for reading. It’s been a blast!

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–Caleb Martin


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