Snowfall Totals……..What a Gray, Gloomy Period It Has Been Since February!

March 14th, 2013 at 10:05 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Here WLFI we had some light snow 6-7:30 p.m., but not accumulation.  Streets & windshield were dampened/wettened like we had a shower.  Temperature wet-bulbed from 38.5 to 33.1 with the snow, however.

Overall, the snow showers occurred in the western half & southern parts of the viewing area this afternoon & this evening.

Up to 0.5″ was reported.  Just south of the viewing area, in Parke County, 1″ was reported just north of Bloomingdale or about 5 miles northwest of Rockville.  Snow is now over.

Thank you everyone for your reports!  They are much appreciated!


Since February 18, we have had just 2 mostly sunny days at WLFI.  Most of the others were mostly cloudy to cloudy.  In fact, February 26-March 3 was a solid overcast.  That is six days consecutively that were overcast, making it the gloomiest time period since at least 2006 in West Lafayette.

Check out the sky conditions daily since February 18.  You can see the propensity of gray cloudy to mostly cloudy days around here.



4 Responses to “Snowfall Totals……..What a Gray, Gloomy Period It Has Been Since February!”

  1. Doug in Flora says:

    Is it possible a massive release of flatulence from the local populace would disperse this dratted cloud cover? ;-)

  2. Tom says:

    In March 1984 there was no sun for 12 days. From March 11-22 there wasn’t any sun. March 1984 was a very cold March just like this year. The highest temp. in March 1984 was 54 degrees on the 15th. Two inches of snow was recorded on March 22, 1984.

  3. Autumn says:

    lol @ Doug!

    I personally don’t like it too bright.. However.. I prefer germinating & growing seedlings with the sun light as opposed to artificial.. Haven’t had a whole lotta the real stuff.

  4. chris in idaville says:

    My maters are up and about 5″ tall dying for some sun…

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