Update Regarding Monday Night-Tuesday Night Forecast

March 3rd, 2013 at 12:00 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I originally went for 1″ or less here Monday night-Tuesday with the heaviest snowfall in a band northwest to southwest & south of us.

It looks like now the heaviest snowfall will be west & northwest of us with 6-8″ in Iowa & parts of Illinois.  I doubt heaviest snowfall will extend south of us.  It will likely re-develop well east of us as system undergoes a rapid metamorphisis & intensification on the East Coast.

Here, I feel the need to go from 1″ or less to 1-4″ with the heaviest amounts most likely in the northern areas.

Some snow would likely fall Monday night, but may change to rain Tuesday for part of the area with snow Tuesday night.  The 1-4″ amount would be the final storm total.

If I need to alter this, I will, but I still do not agree with the model output of 5-10″ for our area.  That is just too high & does not match similar systems over the past 30 years.

The system is actually a strong Alberta Clipper (full of dynamics) that will eventually undergo that metamorphisis of energy transfer towards a developing Nor’Easter on the East Coast that may bring over 17″ of snow to parts of the Mid-Atlantic/Alleghanies &/or Northeast.  This, after state records for snowfall were broken in February in Oklahoma & Missouri.  One town in Oklahoma set the new state record for snowfall in February with over 42″!

33 Responses to “Update Regarding Monday Night-Tuesday Night Forecast”

  1. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Well there ya have it folks, another POOP ROOM ……

  2. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Chad why does accuweather say 6 to 10 for indy?

  3. Josh says:

    Well, that settles it. Better get the shovels out folks!

  4. Jason says:

    You actually put any stock into Accu-Weather? Chad, I don’t know why you even put totals up here. Everyone just argues about how much we are getting. I’d put my faith in Chad more than anyone else in the state or region. He’s proven himself time & time again.
    Surely you guys have figured that out by now.

  5. Jim says:

    Get your shovels ready chad has for the first time this year gone up from a original forcast. That means this will be our best snow. Spring on hold. Charlene keep dancing totals going up. Moe. All models showing bulls eye. Stoogies shovel time. We finally got our snow. Lets do our best to get our best storm totals to chad and to also help the people like rb who need info from out of state on to help our locals in there plowing business go monster. Everyone to walmart for supplies. Stoogies love you. Moe

  6. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Right on JIMMY !!!

  7. Monster says:

    Sure looks like all the models are hanging tight might actually get all snow out of this one. 4 inches would still be a good snow hoping for more though

  8. Monster says:

    I’m not holding too much faith in Accu Weather but they are holding tight with to the 4 inches in Lafayette in Monticello.

  9. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Ole accuweather finally got the totals right, monticella now at 3 to 6, about time lazy pricks, lol

  10. Melissa says:

    Oh man my kids would love a snow day during i step testing!!!!

  11. Jim says:

    Yes. Our snow Stoogies looks like the track is right at us. 4-6 inches we will go out in style.

  12. Jim says:

    Except Watch to be issued today special weather statements already out. South of Indy 1-2,inches. North of Indy 4-6 inches Lafayette 3-5 inch area. Accu weather has settled on 7 for Newton County. Chad may go a little higher. Time will tell. Moe. Get the shovels ready. Lets get this blog going 165 responses yesterday make it bigger today

  13. Jim says:

    Melissa your kids deserve it. Charlene got your email. Moe curly shuffle has worked.

  14. RON says:

    NWS has a special weather statement issued at 5:40 AM for 4″-6″ in for Central Indiana! There is still hope!

  15. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Snow dam u ,lol

  16. Teri says:

    Good morning, the sun is shining in Lafayette, birds and squirrels are busy eating breakfast:) Temp is 19.8* and frosty out there. @Ron I read the weather statement too..remember the final line;))..


    All have fun weather watching, and I will have fun at the store, my normal day for shopping..ugh!

  17. RON says:

    Still think temps are going to be too warm in the daylight hours. Those temps will erode that 4″-6″ down to 1″-2″ inches!

  18. Autumn says:

    I think I might go bald eagle spying. Take a drive down to Parke Co Mae Syrup Fest.

  19. Jim says:

    Morning all enjoy your day shopping and stocking up. No like that. Stoogies remember we have been disappointed before but everyone agrees on this one. Moe

  20. Jake says:

    Eh not sold on any of this snow to build up on surfaces. Just going to melt. This winter has been a bust with the snow. What makes this any different? Someone convince me. Please.

  21. Lisa says:

    Weather Channel map has us less than one inch.

  22. RON says:

    Agreed Jake. Temps way too warm. Now if it was in the mid 20′s we would be singing a different tune.

  23. Jim says:

    Teri that’s awesome

  24. Jim says:

    Rb. Enjoy the accurate weather only posts hope we keep you up to date on what’s happening with this approaching storm. Our best. The Stoogies

  25. RON says:

    Jim, you have to take the temps into consideration! I want a big snow as much as the next guy, but the bottom line is the daytime highs are going to erode snow totals. That warm front coming up will be here before the snowfall, that will just take a lot of precious snow time away.

  26. Jim says:

    Ron noaa prediction centers north of Indy 8-10 predicted temps slightly above freezing is wet snow. Takeaway 2 inches erode is the total we have 6 – 8 inches looking at track diving south then east 5-7 is there total for north of Indy they took that under advisement good point Moe

  27. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Well we need snow in this Beeeeeooocth , if it melts oh well, at least it will add up before hand.

  28. RON says:

    Jim. Well, you are an optimist, i’ll give you that. There is plenty of time left, things could change. Just not holding my breath. I think we’ll see a few inches late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, at most.

  29. mad man from afghanistan says:

    We will have to rename this place to snowqualmie pass, lol

  30. RON says:

    More like snowless pass! lol

  31. Teri says:

    Chad just posted an update:)

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