Monday night-tuesday

March 2nd, 2013 at 9:14 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Some snow showers and flurries will continue in the viewing area today but the main accumulating snow will occur well south of our area. If there is any accumulation here it would be a dusting in places.

In terms of Monday night-Tuesday gfs model places heaviest band of 5-7″ in our area. I do not agree with this right now. ¬†I prefer to get a few more varying model runs under my belt and an analog comparison before changing the forecast. ¬†Confidence is growing on raising the 1″ or Less.

I will have a new update later today.

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  1. joeseph says:

    Fox 59 doesnt know anything

  2. RON says:

    Wilkes knows, but he’s not there tonight. That girl said 3″-4″ for Indy, then said storm is still a big question mark. Storm is slowing down and now looks to be here Tuesday evening when we can’t see it falling, grrr!

  3. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Ron,you might just have to drink some coffee and stay up for the duration brother , i know i will, lol

  4. Ryan H says:

    Hey Ron, nighttime arrival is better! Temps will be lower so more snow could be possible.

  5. RON says:

    Haha! This storm is already starting to make my head hurt! Going to bed and hope for some good news tomorrow!

  6. Jim says:

    Slowing down was bought up before. Now as for indiana Michigan border north no way

  7. Jim says:

    We will see

  8. Ryan H says:

    Apparently there were errors with the NAM model run so it’s not being taken seriously…..

  9. joeseph says:

    3-5??? I want 15-20

  10. Jim says:

    Where is Chad?

  11. Ryan H says:

    He’s probably waiting for the GFS run to finish before making decisions…

  12. Val says:

    The anticipation of Chads new updates is like fingernails running down a chalk board, (SHIVERING)…

  13. Ryan H says:

    Isn’t it though Val???

  14. Ryan H says:

    GFS further north, but not as north as the NAM. Looks like North of I-74 is a decent hit…. We’ll see what Chad says now.

  15. Melissa says:

    A much as i hate snow!! My kids want to go sledding so doing the snow dance

  16. Val says:

    I was just looking around, while patiently waiting on chads update and this is what I have found. I know its still early to really get a good reading on whats to come but maybe just maybe this one will hold dear and true.

  17. Ryan H says:

    Interesting bullseye around here, huh Val?

  18. Val says:

    Sure is!

  19. Ryan H says:

    None of the Indiana news channels giving any estimates except for ” a few inches or more”.

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