Rain Slowly Transitioning to Periodic Snow for the Viewing Area Now-Overnight……..Rumble of Thunder Possible

February 26th, 2013 at 6:38 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

It has been a record-breaking February for snowfall in the southern Plains.  This will go down as the snowiest February on record for many areas with some data sets back to 1880.

Here, rain is gradually transitioning to snow & periodic snow will be likely overnight-early Thursday morning.  It has been snowing at Morocco, Rensselaer, Kentland, Remington, Winamac & Rochester.  Noticed heavier precip echoes in Fulton County, which is probably helping to pull some of the colder air down from upstairs to change rain to snow.

I would not totally rule out a rumble of thunder tonight with any snow showers as the actual center of the upper low passes just west of us.  This morning we had thunder sleet in Carroll & Cass counties reported.

It will not be quite so gusty as the upper low progresses through tonight, but as snow pivots around it into our area tomorrow, winds will tend to increase with gusts to 30, even 32 mph by tomorrow evening.

18 Responses to “Rain Slowly Transitioning to Periodic Snow for the Viewing Area Now-Overnight……..Rumble of Thunder Possible”

  1. chris in idaville says:

    Rainflakes in idaville ;)

  2. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Man this is total BS, I TELL YA WHAT!!!

  3. Doug in Flora says:

    Temp 35.2 here; winds fitful; no precipitation of any kind, for now.

  4. Cathy says:

    Is it suppose to get icy in the morning like it did today?

  5. shaun from kokomo says:

    Agreed madman, im a weather junkie, and indianas just not the place for it, just isnt happening here…. Whats your outlook on this jim

  6. Cathy says:

    Thanks for your help

  7. Jim says:

    OShaun. Snow thru out the night. Slick spots in am. Looks like up to a inch tonight and a inch tomorrow

  8. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Yeah it was supposed to start snowing at like noon andhere it is almost 9pm and still nothing, WOW

  9. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Im buying,a snow machine, and gonna put about 10 feet in my yard lol

  10. shaun from kokomo says:

    Crazy…nothing here at the moment, just isnt fair ya know, everybody seems to be getting clobbered but us…

  11. Cliff says:

    Well its either going to snow a bunch or clear up and be decent! Im so sick of these gloomy cold days I could scream!

  12. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I hurd that clifford!!!!!

  13. Mary Anne Best says:

    I love it! “Rainflakes”!! That is exactly what it was. It has been a long time since I have seen snowflakes that big! At least $.50 size. And with all that snow…we ended up with just a trace of snow here as of dark. Temp is still 33* and I have a total of .88 inch water in gauge.

    MA in REMington

  14. jm in dayton says:

    Just got back from visiting my dad in Frankfort. Scattered light rain, temp. 35, and Indian fog!… Apache. lol Be careful out there. :D

  15. Doug in Flora says:

    Thick fog enveloping Flora. No wind noticed; current temp 34.3 degrees.

  16. Mary Anne Best says:

    Just looked outside..snowing pretty heavily here right now. Ground is covered with snow. Sorry mad man :-(

    MA in “you know where”

  17. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Starting to snow here as well Mary Ann

  18. Jim says:

    Mad man you got snow

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