February 25th, 2013 at 1:30 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Trend since Friday has been a more southerly track & much slower arrival.  Track seems to have settled, but timing continues to slow every slightly.

A bit more southerly track still looks good, that has not changed.  It has slowed down some.


Precipitation will move up from south to north, beginning as wintry mix.  Snow, sleet &/or freezing rain in the cards, looking at Skew-Ts & wedge of dry, dry, cold air bleeding in via east & east-northeast winds courtesy of Ontario & New England surface high.  Some minor accumulations of snow, sleet &/or freezing rain are possible mainly north of I-74 in the morning (to afternoon in north).  Low temperatures will run 27-32 with a quick drop this evening, then temperatures will tend to level off, perhaps rise a bit later tonight.  They may fall a hair as precipitation begins early Tuesday morning due to evaporative cooling.

Trend will be for a transition to largely rainfall across the area, though, as temperatures climb to 34-37.


Trend will be for rain to transition to more snow from northwest to southeast in the viewing area as temperatures cool to 31-34.


Periodic snow is a good bet with minor accumulations with highs of 32-34.


Periodic snow is likely with minor accumulations with lows of 27-29.


Periodic snow will transition to more in the way of snow showers with highs of 30-33.

Total accumulations by Thursday look to be largely 1-3″ with 3-5″ in the north in parts of Newton, Jasper, Pulaski & Fulton counties.

Winds will periodically gust to 35 mph for this duration, generally from west-southwest, then west to northwest.

Even Friday-Saturday, scattered flurries & snow showers are likely with gusty northwest winds.

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  1. Jim says:

    Teri I know never understood that. In a hurry to get a inch. Stupid if you ask me.

  2. Charlene Luther says:

    Jim..this stooge is here and hanging tight…waiting a few more hours to see if this storm is going to come further south ….what are you guys thinking ? hoping for delays with schools if it is going to be icy in the AM ….daughter has a basketball game tomorrow night too…ugh…please no ice Mr. Winter :}

  3. Cathy says:

    Ok, thanks everyone, be safe in the morning and Wednesday morning

  4. ch n ffort says:

    Just a friendly reminder from “the snowplow guy” if it does get bad and u must be out please remember to give the plow truck room to work we are out there to make things better. Please be curtious n if everyone can hold tight we will get out of the way.

  5. Jim says:

    Right on ch. you to Cathy

  6. joeseph says:


  7. mad man from afghanistan says:

    He he ha ha ho ho, or ho ho he he ha ha. Wth

  8. joeseph says:

    Just rambling like all the rest

  9. Jim says:

    Joseph. There is a lot of rambling on here curious why there are a lot or R names doing the rambling.

  10. Jim says:

    Mad man what’s up brother

  11. James says:

    Joeseph I think you had a bad Monday. Lol!! Couple grumps on here tonight!

  12. charlene says:

    Hey fellows stooges…any news of when Chad is going to update again? Everyone stay safe out there tomorrow. Stooge Charlene OUT ha ha

  13. joeseph says:

    Dont be dumb.

  14. Jim says:

    Charlene hi should be soon looks like ice

  15. mad man from afghanistan says:

    What i dont understand is how in the hell can these places in the south get 18 plus inches of snow and the next day is like 70 degrees

  16. Jim says:

    Charlene he should update soon Looks like ice in am. Then rosin. Then snow tomorrow night.

  17. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Man this place suxs i mean come on why cant we have a good 3 feet at one time, like everybody else. Mother nature screwed us again folks.

  18. charlene says:

    Daughter has a basketball tornament tomorrow night …ha ha ;)

  19. charlene says:

    Jim..thanks ;)

  20. Teri says:

    Okay Mad Man, I found your comment very funny:)..were you referring to the song, “They Are Coming To Take Me Away”

  21. charlene says:

    Mad man ..thinking aboit moving south ..maybe better chances of snow next year. My sister is on Arkansas ..haha

  22. charlene says:

    Teri..lol…they need to take someone away but…dont think it’s us..haha

  23. joeseph says:

    Good one char..that was funny lol

  24. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Yeah its pretty crappy when you live in a state that is supposed to get snow and its nothing but a let down or rain, what gives?

  25. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Hey Joe have another, lol

  26. Jim says:

    Hey Joseph I have a comment if you mess with one stooge the rest will respond beware. Lets keep the negitive comments off this blog. Thanks

  27. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Im laughing so hard jim, thanks for backing a fellow stooge. Yeah this joe guy is a riot, lol

  28. charlene says:


  29. Teri says:

    No it is a song LOL! Haha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-lJZiqZaGA&feature=player_detailpage :) it is funny! and I was just wondering if Mad man knew this song? Made me laugh:)

  30. Monster says:

    I can’t tell if he’s mad or just being funny. Whatever it is though it’s making me laugh.

  31. charlene says:

    Too funny Teri…and I forgot to end my last post with a haha…;)

  32. Monster says:

    I was talking about joeseph

  33. Monster says:

    Wow just checked radar the system is massive.

  34. Val says:

    Good Evening everyone! I hope that everyone had the opportunity to enjoys sunshine. When I got home this evening my weather band was going off and to my not so surprise the national weather service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for many counties including mine ( Fountain ) for freezing rain and sleet which is in effect from 4am to 10am. So far what I have read only a 1/10 of an inch of ice accumulations. Even tho that isn’t much of accumulation, that is more then plenty to cause road hazards. I hope that each of you take your time and get to your destination safely. Another blogger ( don’t remember who it was) also asked for you to be considerate of the snow plow drivers as they are out there to get the roads cleared up and treated to make your journey as safe as they can. My husband too is a snow plow driver for the state, he has encountered many close calls by people getting in a big hurry. Chad I look forward to your updates as you are able to. And I hope to get my totals and maybe a few pics sent to you.

  35. charlene says:

    Monster can you please post the link? Is it ice still or snow now too?

  36. charlene says:

    Val…that was Ch n ffort..he always posts about road conditions on here..he is extremely helpful to me..my hubby travels to Frankfort to work and even though Lafayette is not far from Frankfort it can be quite a difference in weather..winter spring and summer severe…thakks Ch n ffort ;)

  37. Teri says:

    Okay on a serious note, I pray all can get along on this blog. I have been a weather watcher for many years. Name calling and cursing is uncalled for. I hope all stay safe and have fun weather watching..Be kind to each other..PLEASE! And don’t forget to thank Chad for all he does for us! We are very blessed to have him. Night all stay safe and this is for the “Stooges”


  38. Val says:

    Thank you Charlene, I couldn’t remember who it was that was also a snow plow driver. And I am glad he is able to assist you and your family for travel. Your right, even tho the distance isn’t that far, it can be a big difference in weather precipitation. And thank you Ch n ffort for the reminder as well.

  39. Crista says:

    I saw robins in my front yard and sandhill cranes heading North. Red winged blackbirds cant be far behind. I know the weather here has been frustrating…but the swearing we could do without. I agree.I hear enough of that walking through Wal Mart. (Stay safe all.)

  40. Jim says:

    Teri you are awesome moe

  41. charlene says:

    Teri..thank you…you drive safe as well..can’t wait to see everyones reports coming in tomorrow morning.

  42. Teri says:

    Thanks weather friends, Please be kind to one another, count your blessings, stay safe, and Thank you Chad!

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