Windy with Sleet, Freezing Rain & Snow Across Area

February 21st, 2013 at 11:39 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Snow is falling in our far & northeast with lots of sleet elsewhere & quite a bit of freezing rain in our southern half.

At WLFI, we have a mix of sleet & freezing rain with 0.05″ of glaze ice & 1.2″ of snow & sleet measured.  Generally, 1-2″ of snow & sleet have been reported across the area so far with 0.05″ of glaze ice (mainly in the southern half of the viewing area).

Winds are gusty with sustained winds at 15-25 mph & gusts as high as 38 mph.  These winds will tend to decrease somewhat towards morning.

Temperatures will rise overnight-tomorrow morning with patchy freezing drizzle becoming drizzle (once snow, sleet & freezing rain band pulls away).

Cold surface air has wedged in the central & eastern parts of the viewing area with temperatures in the middle 20s, but temperature has risen quickly to 31 in our far south as of 11:45 p.m.  It is 34 in southeastern Illinois & that air will tend to get pulled northeastward with time tonight-Friday morning.

42 Responses to “Windy with Sleet, Freezing Rain & Snow Across Area”

  1. Brandon-elkhart says:

    In wabash tonight, windy, sleet freezing rain mix here as well, for now.

  2. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I think all,this hype tuckered all the bloggers and bloggetts out, lol

  3. D.J. V' JJ says:

    Thanks, Chad!!! We looked out the window too and you are so Johnny on the spot!!! THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3 !!!

  4. chris in idaville says:

    Windy sleet snow and a bit of freezing in monticello.

  5. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Man,this suxs , i swear every freakin time we get screwed with a dusting to an inch wtf…….

  6. mike in dayton says:

    That 1-2 inches is compacted too. Basically like another one of those 3/4″ events. Guys with plows on their trucks running around like its impassable or

  7. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Well thats it folks our one last chance, what a freakin shame, FTP!!!!!!!

  8. chris in idaville says:

    Freezing drizzle now in Monticello

  9. Peggy says:

    We have thunder, lightning, sleet, and snow here in Remington! Gotta love Indiana!!

  10. william in remingto says:

    thunder in remington @ 0333.

  11. william in remington says:

    thunder in remington @ 0333

  12. william in remington says:

    thunder in remington @ 0338.

  13. Cynthia says:

    Sometime after midnight we started getting lighting and thunder off and on…Sounds like rocks(hail)hitting the windows. Weird weather in Indiana!

  14. Cynthia says:

    Sorry that is in Monticello next to the Twin Lakes Area.

  15. Jim says:

    William how’s 24 ice covered ?

  16. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Jim i dont know, 24 is probably screwed , i havent hurd any plows out at sll in monticello.

  17. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Lot of frozen rain out there south of lafayette, exercise caution folks its slicker than a slicker out thar.

  18. Peggy says:

    When the wind blows from the east, it is always worse than what you would expect.

  19. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I hurd vanilla ice is in town, lol

  20. Autumn says:

    Radar makes it look gone but everyone says we’re gettin freezing drizzle. ?? Anyone know what the roads are like this AM?

  21. Jim says:

    Hey guess what the roads are terrible. 24 is ice covered in bad shape. Remington is pathetic I guess state is out on 65. Use caution.

  22. Jim says:

    Chad. Ice and Snow total in Kentland 3 inches

  23. Jim says:

    Madman what you get a inch?

  24. ML in Rochester says:

    Rochester has ice crusted snow. It has finally stopped sleeting. Roads are horrible….

  25. charlene says:

    Hubby just left for work..we live in Lafayette and he works in Frankfort….he is going to call me when he gets to work…he sure did look like he was sliding in our’s a solid sheet of ice…everyone please drive safely ;)

  26. Monster says:

    Hey guys it’s the monster I just got home from plowing roads are crappy Lafayette pretty good shape

  27. Jim says:

    Monster finally right ? Stoogies stay away from Remington what a mess Hey William what’s up with these roads over here. You still in duty.

  28. charlene says:

    Hubby said county roads are slicker then snot…on ramp to 65 in Lafayette he thought was clear and he almost lost control …watch for those slick spots guys! Man Man… is time for this Stooge to start planning for a “SPRING” garden…my winter snow storm hopes have dwindled away :(

  29. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Jimmy no snow monticello got about 2.5 thats it, lol what a low down dirty wordy shame!!

  30. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Man this has got to be the worst place in gods green earth for snow.

  31. Melissa says:

    Sorry mad i really was doing a snow dance!!! Do you think winter os over?? Or do you tbink we will get another storm??? Before spring

  32. Mary Anne Best says:

    Can’t believe I slept through the thunder! Hubs said it shook the house, low and deep rumbles. William what kind of totals do you have out your way? I’m guessing 2 inches here. East windows are covered with ice. Temp just jumped up a degree to 29*. Guess who is staying inside today??? Me + ice is a dangerous duo!

    MA in REM

  33. Mary Anne Best says:

    Jim….Chad would love to have those totals whenever you post them here fire an email to him at

  34. James says:

    East Central Fountain Cty. received maybe 3/4 of an inch (not official) of sleet/snow. Right now it’s drizzling, don’t know temp.

  35. Teri says:

    Sleet is rock hard on the car:(

  36. Lisa says:

    MA…not only was the thunder rumbling (At 2 am CST I thought a plow was going down our road…it wasn’t) but a big flash of lightning lit up the entire outside. It wasn’t just a streak in the sky. It was like someone turned on the sun! I was awake checking the weather on the computer because I couldn’t sleep when I expereinced it. It was also sleeting/freezing rain at the time because I heard it hitting the house. That is my early morning weather observation. We have snow but I don’t know the amount but I can still see blades of grass poking through the crusty snow.

  37. Cliff says:

    Yeah I heard/saw a big flash crash boom about 3-45 AM!! Weird!!

  38. TomL says:

    Crazy! I heard rumbles of thunder last night. Yet again, another dusting of snow that didn’t even cover the grass. It’ll all be melted by this afternoon. What a miserable wannabe impression of a winter we’ve had. (once again)

  39. Jim says:

    Ok Mary Ann. Hey tell your buddy William he never updated the road condition over there. Total mess.

  40. william in remington says:

    Jim sorry busy this morning. When I posted the thunder I had not been outside to know how the roads were. The only plowing done around here usually is on I65. lol

  41. Jim says:

    William I saw. Man I understand they have to keep the I open but it was bad. Thx for all you do.

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