February 19th, 2013 at 11:11 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

1-3″ of sleet & snow with highest totals in our northern counties still looks good.  1/10″ glaze ice still looks good, too.  This will not be enough for any power outages, even though it will be breezy to windy during event.

 No need to change timing, that looks good.

Still looks like temperatures will rise above freezing by Friday morning with areas of patchy light rain & drizzle.  This will lead to melting.

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  1. Brad says:

    Just readin the comments. I think Chad has done more than enough to prove he’s the best forecaster in this region. I can’t figure out why everytime indy says something different some of you get so confused and worked up. Maybe if you would just listen to the best met around the area (chad) you wouldn’t be confused.
    Saw on fox59 tonight they are calling for 5″ in Lafayette, but I am sticking with chad. Fox is never right.
    just my two cents…..

  2. James says:

    I second that…..

  3. Jim says:

    Chad keep up the great job.

  4. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I hope we get pummeled!!!!!

  5. Chris in Tipton says:

    I think it is interesting to see how different forecasters predict storms in the winter. If anyone thinks that predicting winter storms is an easy task…..let me tell you how hard it is. Very slight differences in track…..a storm strengthening or weakening as it approaches…..dry slots that always form…..and dealing with computer models that are trying to handle the data and spit out forecast projections…..it is such a hard job. Sometimes, what it comes down to is the guy intuition of the forecaster. Brian Wilkes at 59 is probably the best forecaster in Indianapolis. Over the past 15 years, he has proven to be very accurate. Chad Evans is right there with him, and an exceptionally good forecaster as well. Lafayette is very lucky to have a meteorologist with Chad’s background, passion and proven track record. WLFI has had some very — very good meteorologists….especially considering the market. Just my thoughts…..

  6. Chris in Tipton says:

    ….and for those of us who follow the different computer models……we know that the models are not perfect. I give the GFS a lot of grief…..but it can be a very good model. The European is an outstanding model….but even it has its flaws…and isn’t perfect. The models are a valuable tool to a meteorologist….but they are just a TOOL that they use. They are designed, programmed and interpreted by HUMANS…..which makes them imperfect.

  7. Maybelater says:

    To warm things up a bit………Indy news is calling for another hot hot summer and drought.

  8. Autumn says:

    I agree Chris..Steve Scherer, Mike Prangley & Chad all rock!

    Mike Prangley was def one of us snow lovers.. I think he tended to over forecast snow out of hope.. but I enjoyed it!

    I grew up in Valpo.. We watched John Coleman every night on channel 7. He was lots of fun too.. Once he had to do the weather standing on his head because he promised if he got a forecast wrong he would do the next segment standing on his head!

  9. Jim says:

    Chad does rock. Look st these totals for snow from the weather channel just posted. Lafayette snow 3-5 inches. Kentland 4-6 inches people listen to Chad

  10. jackie says:

    Jim, I just looked at TWC about a half hour ago and they had nothing going on for tomorrow or Friday!! Now its 3-5 inches? I’m going back to bed! LOL

  11. James says:

    I agree with everything you folks have said about Chad. I have found him to be very accurate and consistent and this is where I get my forecasts. Thanks Chad for the work you do. [James in Fountain Cty.]

  12. Maybelater says:

    Autumn, I grew up watching John Coleman as well. I think that’s why I like watching Chuck Lofton in the mornings as he reminds me so much of John. This said, we definitely have a one of the best with Chad.

  13. Jim says:

    Jackie check out weather channel forcast where are you leaving. It makes no sense either but on the Lafayette forcast for tomorrow nite it reads 3-5 inches. It makes no sense.

  14. jackie says:

    Jim I just checked it out…yeah it makes no sense! lol

  15. JEM says:

    NWS is saying 1-2 inches with some potential for locally higher amounts. ANd yes TWC is still saying 3-5.

  16. Autumn says:

    Maybelater.. I dunno who Chuck is! Do tell.. I’ll try to check him out!

    I have been wondering about the summer.. Please NOooooo.. I spent my whole last summer watering.. We live on 15 acres.. 1/2 wooded but a large part of the other 7 acres is natural area.. I’m big into wild edibles.. Along with native plants.. I am obsessive.. I know where specific plants (what my neighbors would call weeds) grow in the grasses I have become so closely intimate with our land.. So many were burned last summer.. Hard to bear.. I would drive our trails with buckets of water to try to alleviate their thirst. Not again! This doesn’t even include my large flower, herb and veggie gardens. *sigh*

  17. Crista says:

    Me too Autumn. We hava a large garden and wooded acreage and I DO NOT want to go through that again! Our green beans were a total loss. Not to mention worrying about our well…..maybe it will not be so, but our missing all this snow doesn’t alleviate my concerns.

  18. Cantore says:

    It doesn’t matter if we get any snow Thursday night anyway. It will be gone the next day when we get up to the 40′s and rain. It is just going to be a mess.

  19. Jim says:

    Slip and slide

  20. Jim says:

    Chad hasn’t had a noon update. Changes looming

  21. Josh says:

    Like what Jim?

  22. JEM says:

    I’ll take the water – any way.

    I too like to garden – and I had some new plantings which I absolutely had to drown to the point it attracted moles. The alternative was to let over $1000 in plantings die. Great year to do a bunch of landscaping.

  23. JEM says:

    And to do it again this summer – yuck.

  24. Jim says:

    Josh not quite sure looks like a dry area. Due some reason nws and weather channel are not agreeing. WC has snow 3-5 inches. Chad has more Ice. Also wondering if maybe he is wZiting to see if they put us under a watch which happens to be to our west in Illinois. The rain snow line is the thing we need to watch. Now Chad is usually right on. The state hwy is out driving and deiceing already so something is up. The fri am communicate might be a mess. Jim.

  25. Josh says:

    Thanks jim

  26. mike in dayton says:

    The county has been throwing down the beet juice and salt every time we get a 1/2″. They have such a surplus they need to get rid of it.

  27. Maybelater says:

    @Autumn…Chuck Lofton is on the WTHR channel Indianapolis station. You can catch him in the mornings before 7:00AM. He has a fun personality like John Coleman.

  28. Josh says:

    Twc just went down to less then an inch for lafayette

  29. JEM says:

    So it did.

  30. Jim says:

    Benton Newton Jasper County just put under advisories for Snow Sleet And Freezing Rain

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