Windy Tonight with Gusts to 45 mph…..Tonight-Tomorrow…………….Thursday-Friday Winter Weather Event

February 18th, 2013 at 5:19 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Two main waves of rain & perhaps isolated thunder & lightning will pass through this evening.  Actual strong surface cold front is near Mississippi River & will roar through tonight with much colder temperatures & gusty winds to 45 mph.

It looks like two waves of gusts to 45 mph, one this evening & one later tonight & tomorrow morning.  Some of the gusts in Illinois have been as high as 53 mph!  We need to watch & make sure those do not make it in here.  That will be monitored this evening & if the gusts need to be upped, will do so.

Rain will end tonight, but a few snow showers & flurries are possible late tonight-Tuesday morning.  If there is any accumulation, it would be patchy & less than 0.5″.

Winter weather event will arrive Thursday afternoon.  Still looks like snow to sleet to freezing rain Thursday afternoon-evening-night.  Should change to a bit of rain/drizzle by late, late Thursday night-Friday morning as temperatures rise from 27 to 38.  Temperatures may fall Friday afternoon to near 34 with a few flurries.

It looks like a windy system with 1-3″ of sleet & snow & 1/8″ of glaze ice.  Will watch to see if we need to shift any of the totals.




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  1. charlene says:

    Thanks for the update Chad..but I do NOT like the icy images here at all…praying for all snow :(

  2. Autumn says:

    That cell this evening sure fizzled.

  3. Jim says:

    Thank you Chad awesome time frame. You are a dedicated person. Will keep you posted totals in newton county. Thanks again

  4. Jim says:

    Hi all listen. Lets all blog about weather. Report our storm totals so we all can help one another out. I for one am tired of getting bashed for asking a question. I live weather and helping people out. I will continue to do that. Also I will have fun. I enjoy seeing do many of you share the same passion so I ask all lets ban together and make this the best weather blog around. Chad dies a great job. He doesn’t need to see this mess from some people on here. Lets stop the criticizing of others. Keys help one another share our observations with Chad he doesn’t need any help to go his job he is the best. But our observations help him. Do from this moment on lets cut the bs and stick to what we do the best. Helping and giving info to others. If we don’t there might not be any more Blog! Jim

  5. Val says:

    Very well said Jim! Still drizzling rain here, winds are still pretty gusty here as well. Stay safe everyone!

  6. Chuck says:

    Raining hard here NE of Frankfort, here is a news article on why we are looking at less snowfall but more blizzards.


  7. Jim says:

    Thanks Val. Lets make this work.

  8. Doug in Flora says:

    Gusty and rainy here…current temp is 44.8 degrees…

  9. Chuck says:

    If any of you really want to help Chad and the NWS join .Cocorahs. You join and you are assigned a station number. Each day you enter your data. They use the data to determine how much rainfall occurred and helps them see areas that are in drought or flooding in a very small area.

    Here is the website:

    Once you have a station number, Chad can start using your data. The more we have spread throughout the viewing area. Our weather monitoring we be able to help Chad with soul moistures, etc to help him better forecast we more precision . If you are interested take a look and see if you can spare some time.

    I am a Cocorahs user: Station Number : IN-CL-14
    Station Name : Frankfort 4.9 ENE

    Thanks, Chuck

  10. Chuck says:

    Just checked the gauge 0.26 With a light drizzle gustily, whipping winds.

  11. Mary Anne Best says:

    Chuck I am also a CoCoRaHS observer and Jim just became one from Newton County! I am IN-JS-47

    Well said, Jim!!

    MA In REM with .13 inch rain.

  12. Chuck says:

    Thanks MA. Received 0.41 overnight.

  13. Mary Anne Best says:

    Chuck, and all, we got .33 inch at my location! Loving that moisture!

    MA in REM

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