Interesting Data Regarding Snowfall & Our Snowfall This Winter

February 12th, 2013 at 2:54 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


Where the sun is out today, it has warm up nicely.  If you get holes in the low stratus stuck under an inversion, you quickly rise well into the 30s to 40.  Where the sun is out longer, it is in the 40s.  In the Indianapolis area, it has warmed into the mid 40s with all of the sunshine.

The low stratus may break up this evening, but high cirrus & then thickening & lowering altostratus/altocumulus will quickly arrive tonight.  This will turn sky cloudy again as the snow system passes to our south.  Skies will clear tomorrow.  Highs will run 44-47 tomorrow.

We are looking at no snow, unless this system would do something freaky & make a quick jog to the northwest.


This winter is just kind of just there.  Its not overly warm, not overly cold, not overly rainy, not overly dry, not overly windy, not overly calm.  However, snowfall is lacking from the central & western parts of the viewing area to our northwest back to central Illinois.  This is really the least snowy part of the eastern 2/3 of the U.S. this winter.  Most everyone else has had a normal winter of snowfall.  I know my parents down 35 miles southwest of Bloomington, Indiana have had 25″ this winter.  There was more snowfall last winter than this winter, but last winter was warmer than this one.

One thing about last winter is that even though snowfall was not too far off from normal in many areas, a chunk of it fell in a storm in November (especially eastern counties) & all the snows during the winter were on the ground briefly.  The snows melted so fast, it was as if they never happened.  This year, we had snow on the ground for a while & we have had some potent cold spells, but it just hasn’t snowed as much.  Also, OUR LAST +1″ snowfall last winter occurred February 14 with 1.0″  That was also OUR LAST accumulating snowfall for the year, one of the earliest last snowfalls on record.  We went February 15 to December 20, a record-long stretch without accumulating snowfall in West Lafayette.

Lastly, I found this interesting.  Average snowfall tends to be less in the winter in the “Grand Prairie” areas of our northwestern counties, which makes sense.  Tallgrass prairie climates have less snowfall in winter, but MORE rainfall than everyone in the summer.  At Purdue University, the average snowfall up to February 28 is 19.7″, but at the Agronomy Farm (on the edge of the “Grand Prairie”), it is nearly 1″ less at 18.8″.  These totals are the averages over a 30-year period.

Peak yearly rainfall tends to occur in July in distinct tallgrass prairie climates, but more like May or June elsewhere in the region.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect in Texas & Oklahoma with Winter Weather Advisories up into Arkansas & Missouri.  Winter Weather Advisories may be upgraded to Winter Storm Warnings in a few counties eventually.  May see Winter Storm Watches go up in the Appalachians & mid-Atlantic at some point today-tonight for snow.

That snow system will stay southwest, south, southeast & east of us over the next day.  Unless it makes some crazy jog north, we will miss this one.

I would show Oklahome DOT cam images, but they state you are not allowed to link live images to other web sites sites.  Below are north Texas DOT cam images of Interstate 27 near downtown Amarillo:

Click a snapshot in the table to the left to view it here.Click a snapshot in the table to the left to view it here.Click a snapshot in the table to the left to view it here.

As for us, there is some snow shower action that may affect us late, late Friday-Friday night to Saturday with 1″ or less in places.  Looks more & more like much of the snow with that will either be southwest, south & east of us, with lake effect north & northeast of here.

It will get cold, though.  With highs only near 22 by the weekend & lows from 9-13.  Winds will be an issue.  It looks windy Thursday through next Tuesday.  Winds may gust Thursday to 41 mph in our area as Arctic Blast approaches.



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  1. shaun from kokomo says:

    Yeah this place just sucks. If you like snow your living in the wrong state. My father plows snow and I know he’s been hurting these last couple Winters, why anyone would spend money on a snow plow around here is being me…chad keep up the good work, do you see where we may or may not get over an inch of snow before spring?

  2. Spider says:


  3. Autumn says:

    Thank for the Grand Prarie info Chad! About last year’s winter precip.. I have never seen harder & dryer ground thru the winter thaw.

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