Back Edge of Rainfall Approaching…..Some Sort of Snow System Brewing Next Week, But Timing & Track In Question

February 7th, 2013 at 10:10 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

The back edge of the rainfall is now in our western counties & working eastward.  Rainfall totals still look to run 0.10-0.25″.

Behind this, there may be some patchy drizzle that goes over to some patchy freezing drizzle & few flurries.  It does not look like a huge deal, but just be aware of a few slick spots in the morning, to be on the safe side.

Temperatures are cooling off into the 30s over parts of the area now after highs as high as 58 degrees today.

Model runs today have tended to shift snow south of here for around Valentine’s Day, but too early to pin down exact track.  Thinking we need to watch this very closely.  Confident enough to put snow in the forecast for Wednesday evening-night to Thursday morning for now.

Amounts are in question, as is the track.  THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  Just have in the back of your minds that something is brewing near Valentine’s Day.  Whether the timing is on that day, bit before, a day later or whether it is a 1-2″, a 4-6″, a 6-8″ snow remains blurry right now.  I have enough confidence to make mention of it though for next week.



21 Responses to “Back Edge of Rainfall Approaching…..Some Sort of Snow System Brewing Next Week, But Timing & Track In Question”

  1. Chris in Tipton says:

    I hope you are right on next week……but as in normal for me in February….I have no confidence in the GFS. :(

  2. Spider says:

    I love snow, but I don’t even get excited about it anymore. When is the last time we had a decent accumulation of snow? Frustrating.

  3. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Spider last good snow was feb 1st 2011, but since then only a few inches here and there i know its frustrating, this weather so far this winter has sucked, we wait with anticipation and all we get is a let down but im sure we will get a good heavy snow before winter is over.

  4. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Somewhere between the 14th and 20th of feb, we should get walloped.

  5. Jim says:

    Madman here we go is this it?

  6. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Jim i sure hope so , if not oh well, what do you think the percentage is?

  7. Autumn says:

    Yer all jinxing it! :D

  8. Jim says:

    Gfs has something wed -thur way far out to say but for everyone this better be it

  9. Duane C says:

    Tracking south of us again!!! It is like we have a snow by-pass or something. This stinks!

  10. Ryan H says:

    Madman you need to go to Boston this weekend. Lots of $$$ there.

  11. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Ok so we are not jinxed all the time anyway, lol

  12. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Nothing ever happens here, like i said in the past its either NSEW of us, never fails.

  13. i have little snow here in battle ground-

  14. Jim says:

    Madman. This is another dud !

  15. Jim says:

    I think it’s going south. I can see where it mighty hit but its a way off. Maybe Chad will update soon on this. How are my Stoogies doing?

  16. Jim says:

    Larry Curley this next system needs some air to bloe it here. We will get ours sometime but don’t be surprised if we go 0-3 Moe

  17. Mary Anne Best says:

    REad this and weep snow lovers..from my daughter in CT:

    “1st update
    We are going home soon! The forecast for us says 37 ½” of snow…here we go
    Gerber never closes… It’s only happened 3 times that I know of in the 18 years of my tenure here.”

    MA in REM


  18. Duane C says:

    Jim, i think you are right again…The Valentin’s Day Snow is going to turnout into nothing for us. I don’t even see a 1 to 2 inch snow. I think it is going to be too far south for us to get anything. I would like for one time to see a shift north for us. I would love my kid to experience a big snow event. He has never seen anything more than a few inches. I’m with Madman always NSEW of us.

  19. Janelle says:

    I sure hope we get some snow!!! Now I really don’t want 20 + inches but anywhere from 4-8″ would be great!! I sure hope the track hits us dead on this time.

  20. charlene says:

    Stooge doing good here..waiting to see what Chad says about next week..hoping this is a big one guys ;)

  21. Jim says:

    We all are waiting for the update Charlotte. But we all know what it will say. Moe

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