Update for Now-Tomorrow

February 7th, 2013 at 2:24 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Rain is just sitting near I-57 & barely making progress eastward.  Winds at 10,000′ are becoming paralell to low-level winds, so most of the rain is moving north/northeast, while very slowly advancing east.

This said, skies have been slow to turn cloudy & our temperatures have responded very nicely with dry, down-sloping component to the southeast wind today.  In fact, our high at WLFI, just hit 51.1 degrees!  This, after 29, then slowly rising this morning to 31.

Showers will eventually arrive by late afternoon-evening.

Rain will end by late, late evening-early overnight.  HOWVER, there are signs that there could be a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle late tonight with the low stratus cloud deck & perhaps a few little flurries.  Winds will crank up tonight with southwest winds initially becoming west, then northwest with gusts up to 30 mph. after midnight.

Tomorrow looks windy with low stratus breaking up in the afternoon with skies likely becoming mostly cloudy, then partly cloudy.  Gusts from the northwest may reach 35, mph with sustained winds at 18-22 mph.

7 Responses to “Update for Now-Tomorrow”

  1. Duane C says:

    Has anyone seen an answer to the surface moisture question? Jim, is next week’s snow starting to look like something? I know it is a week out. I just thought that maybe you are seeing something that the rest of us haven’t seen.

  2. Jim says:

    Going on what Chad said earlier. But haven’t seen any update ! Wed into Thursday.

  3. Duane C says:

    Oh…i just dont see it developing…I hope I am wrong. I usually am.

  4. Chad Evans says:

    Hey guys,

    Question answered in previous post.


  5. Teri says:

    Beautiful 51.8* I worked in the yard some, with two BIG dogs, it is necessary..yuck. We have a lot of green grass, yet the ground is so muddy. Glad I got the duty done today with rain on the way.

  6. Mary Anne Best says:

    I have flowers poking up!! Gonna get their noses frosted :-) I enjoyed today also!! My high temp was “only” 48* but I think I had more cloud cover. I walked around the house…and got muddy shoes…but YAY>..that means there is moisture there!!

  7. Jim says:

    Hey Chad what’s up with next weeks system. ?

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