Outlook Now to Late February

February 4th, 2013 at 9:42 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


Clipper will pass Tuesday with some snow showers, mainly in our northeastern areas.  There 1″ or less may accumulate in places, while the rest of the area see little to nothing.  Winds will be gusty from the southwest & west up to 30 mph with highs largely in the 30s.  Wednesday looks partly cloudy with highs largely in the 30s.

Cold front will pass Thursday with a wave of some showers with temperatures climbing to near 43, then falling later in the day.

Storm system with lots of wind & widespread rainfall (right now 0.50-1″ of rainfall) & some thunder will arrive Sunday & exit by Monday morning.  After highs in the 50s Sunday & lows in the middle 40s Sunday night, we will fall Monday after a morning high in the middle 40s.  Monday night lows will drop into the lower to middle 20s.

Highs Tuesday looks to be in the middle 30s with lows in the middle to upper teens.


Need to watch next Wednesday-Thursday for snow.  Looks like it may begin as rain/snow mix & transition to snow with accumulation possible.  Behind it, ARCTIC AIR will roar in with highs only in the teens to around 20 & lows near 0.

This storm is the best potential of significant accumulating snowfall (at least the way it looks right now) to February 26 & perhaps the month of February.

A clipper around February 16-17 & another around February 19 may bring some minor-accumulating snowfall to the area on the order of 0.5-2″ (at least the way it looks right now).  It will stay quite cold up to February 22 with highs in the teens & 20s, though there are signs of a big spring-like warm-up to end February.


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  1. mad man from afghanistan says:

    To all who read the blog , I am serious about the weather, I do not intend to harrass intimidate anyone . I have fought for your freedom as well as others on this blog . So if i come across as being sarcastic or rude in any way shape or form i humbly apologize,. Scouts Out Currahhee..

  2. James in Logantucky says:

    Wow, what have I been missing? I guess some posts have been removed? Never bothered me. I love this blog. Keep up the fun and great info, especially from Chad Evans. No hurt here mad man.

  3. Jim says:

    Right on Mad Man

  4. Mary Anne Best says:

    Mad Man….thank you SOO much for serving our country! Hats are off to you my friend! I have been a faithful blogger for a long time and I know you are “real” about the weather. I also know Jim personally and know he is a good guy. You can just tell whether ppl on here are sincere if they just get on to harass. Not so our group right now. Kudos to you!!

    MA in REM

  5. Mary Anne Best says:

    (repost from last blog post)
    Some may not see this since there is a new post by Chad. In 1963 my daughter was born on Feb 24th…guess what…basketball sectional tourney time….snowstorm you could count on. Roads closed, nurses worked a double shift, lots of babies born that night (low pressure system). SIX of her first NINE b’days the roads were closed! I have one pic of 12 inches snow on the ground on Feb 24th. Hang in there :-)

    MA in REM

  6. Monster says:

    Right on mad man. Thanks for fighting so we can live and be free. Your the reason I can have my own opinion when I blog. My opinion is that this winter blows. I am hoping for early spring. If its not going to snow it might as well just be warm. But if it’s going to snow bring it on.

  7. Crista says:

    Ditto to Monster! If no snow…lets be done with it!!!!

  8. Rich says:

    MadMan,our own Federal Government is taking away more of our freedoms than anything you fought for in the Middle East.

  9. Tom says:

    Mary Anne- From 8am on Feb. 23, 1963 to 8am Feb. 24, 8 inches of snow fell at West Lafayette. On Feb. 26, 1963 the temp. fell to 23 below at WL. There was 10 inches of snow on the ground March 1 and then the rains came. 1.60 inches of rain fell at West Lafayette from March 3-5 and 10 inches of snow melted in 3 days. There was some street flooding at Lafayette. The snow is not over Crista. It will snow in March.

  10. Melissa says:

    Mad thanks for your service for fighting for our freedoms.. And chad happy weather person day!!!! Thanks for doing a good job

  11. Jim says:

    Mary Ann thank you. Mad Man awesome. Those who call you and monster and I trolls on here don’t know anything about fun. The Stoogies do . Charlene you are included. Thx for service our country Mad Man. One thing you fought for was freedom of speech. Thx. Moe

  12. crissy says:

    Thank you for ur service mad.. I for one don’t post much but check the blog daily and I love seeing the stoogies post and opinions keep it com in guys most of us love it don’t let the haters bring u down

  13. charlene says:

    Mad Man..another one here thanking you for your service…what years did you serve? I have a cousin whom i am extremely close to..he joined 3 days after 9/11 and did 3 tours both in Iraq and Afganistan. He just came home last July ;) …All of you bloggers on here do an amazing job at letting us know along with Chad what the weather conditions are or what you may predict them to be. So to eaxh of you..thank you! Now..i am with everybody else on here…let’s get some snow already or bring on those April showers and May flowers ;) ….Great day to ALL.. Stooge Charlene OUT! !! LOL

  14. Jim says:

    Crissy some people have nothing to do all day but find something to nag about. On behalf of the Stoogies thank you. Moe

  15. Jim says:

    Stooge Charlene awesome thx. Ps we will get a huge snow before the end of feb. can’t use dump on here don’t want to be called a troll again. Cloudy skies giddy no percipitaion. Temp 33 in Kentland. Moe

  16. Val says:

    MA in Rem, I was just thinking today while I was out and about that basketball sectionals are just right around the corner and you can almost count on some kind of snow during this time frame. As my kids are now grown and have lil ones of their own, I have lost track of most high school sport events. But I do remember that sectionals are always in February. I hope that Chad can give us a little bit of an update each day to see how the models and things are holding up on that possible snow event. And anyone else who is good at reading models if they can tell us more too..Madman, Thank You, for your unselfish act in serving our country near and afar. Thank you for helping keeping us safe here at home. Thank You for all you have sacrificed. And to all the rest of the bloggers, Thank You for being here and helping out as you post what is going on in your neck of the woods. Hope everyone has a blessed day! Thank You Chad for your dedication to us as well..looking forward to all the updates on this possible next coming event. For the snow lovers, I do hope its “THE BIG ONE”, better late then never.

  17. Jim says:

    Thank you Val well put.

  18. Neal says:

    Thanks Madman for your service to protect us! And thanks Chad for all the valuable information that you give us! And thanks to all the other bloggers that fill in the gaps from where you are.

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