Measured Gust to 63 mph at Tipton

January 30th, 2013 at 2:09 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I have received reports of tree down on U.S. 136 east of Crawfordsville, limbs & trees down in Tipton County & limbs down near Monticello.

High gust measured was 64 mph at Atlanta with other gusts of 63 mph at Tipton, 60 mph at Twin Lakes High School, Monticello & Linnsburg (southeast of Crawfordsville).  58 mph gust measured near Tipton, 57 mph measured at Frankfort.  54 mph gust measured in Crawfordsville.

9 Responses to “Measured Gust to 63 mph at Tipton”

  1. troy hodges says:

    Chad, are we all clear

  2. Ken says:

    Chad – thank you for all your continued updates and staying up until the wee hours to keep us informed. I’m south of Mulberry and curious to see what you post later about rainfall totals. I don’t have a rain gauge but from the looks of the fields and low spots in the roads, we got a good amount. Hope everyone stays safe when this all freezes.

  3. Jim says:

    Madman Monster accu weather saying snow fri haven’t heard from chad in this thou. He was busy last night. Can’t wait to see his update. He is probably going to be on this.

  4. Autumn says:

    Go Snow!

    The warmer temps were ok.. Better than a rainy 38. However I was awaiting passage… It must be near 32 degrees you know!

  5. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Hey Jim i saw that, last night accuweather said 1 to 3, and this morning it said 2 to 4, and i just checked at 12 10 pm and it says a dusting to an inch, WTH!!!

  6. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Im telling ya folks, this place is cursed!!!!

  7. Jim says:

    Accuweather is saying fri also so I don’t know.

  8. Jim says:

    Waiting for Chad

  9. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Jim i hope it snows like 6 feet to make up for lack of snow for the past decade, lol

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