Snowfall Totals………Information On Sunday-Sunday Night Through Next Week

January 25th, 2013 at 1:06 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I took these pics from near television station at West Lafayette.  1.0″ is the final storm total for WLFI with 0.06″ melted, making the snow ratio about 18:1 (10:1 is standard snowfall ratio).

Looks like the snow, per Doppler radar & observations from spotters, varied from 1-4″ with the heaviest totals in the far northwest.  A lot of the totals are 1-1.5″.


Icy mix of snow, sleet & freezing rain will arrive Sunday p.m. & go to all freezing rain by evening-night with temperatures climbing from 20s to 30s.  It will then change to rainfall overnight as temperatures approach 40 by early Tuesday morning.  However, minor ice accumulations are possible on roads, powerlines, trees, etc. for a while.

Monday will feature periodic rainfall & fog with middle to upper 40s.  Some showers/drizzle/fog is possible Monday night with temperatures steady or rising in the mid 40s to around 50, followed by a round of rain & even a few t’storms Tuesday.  Highs Tuesday look to run 54-59.

A secondary cold front & a surface low riding up the front may bring some light snow Wednesday night-Thursday morning, but it looks minor with heavier accumulations staying southeast of here.  Arctic blast will roll in behind it with highs only around 20 & lows in the single digits by late next week.



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  1. Andrew says:


    Why do you say Chad struck out? He didn’t. I use to live in Virginia & they would call for 4-7″ & there would be nothing frequently. He said at 11 1-2″ Lafayette. He explained how this was a very difficult forecast & one of the hardest ever. He did not blow it.
    You are all too critical, especially you Monster. Why don’t you guys comment on Fox 59 saying nothing for Lafayette or Attica or WTHR for 3″? Chad’s too good. He will end up at a bigger market & then you will really complain when the next guy misses every snow forecast. Keep up the good work Chad & I would watch you over any of those Indy mets anyday!

  2. Doug in Flora says:

    Ditto, Andrew…

  3. James says:

    I agree………did anyone see fox 59s snowfall map this morning? Dusting to 2″ for lafayette. That is about the worst snowfall map you could come up with.

    Its like saying 1-7″ possible for lafayette.

    And you guys are so critical when we have the best meterologist in our area.

  4. Monster says:

    Hey guys I wasn’t being critical I was just stating a fact that he called for a 46 inch know a week ahead of time and didn’t get it it’s understandable with the forecast how it works chat is usually right on the money so was just odd to see something he called for not come through how he called the week at a time that’s all I was saying when I’m wrong work I get told to

  5. Duane C says:

    Hey Monster…I stand by my earlier comments. Chad is a big boy…He can take a little criticism. Ok everybody…Monster was not the only blogger critical here. It is a blog after all. We don’t all have to agree. How about we agree to disagree on this one and move on.

  6. Monster says:

    To doug andrew and james. Being a meter ologist is 1 of the hardest jobs in the world it takes a lot of math and reading and analyzing you’re at the well of Mother Nature to deal with our crappy forecast models but on top of all that they take the most criticism I’m not going to jump on any fox 59 bandwagon or any other station for that fact I support Chad 100 percent even at the is wrong from time to time it’s weather forecasting nothing is 100 percent until happens. But I was making some jokes so don’t be so critical towards me please because I make decisions at my work based on chads forcast. And I hope no 1 takes a offense to this but my line of work we call it busting balls. Just having fun. Or giving someone a hard time. Im sure he didnt take offense to it he is an awesome guy.

  7. Jim says:

    Hey James. Lafayette did get a dusting to 2 inches what is wrong with that forecast. That was right on.

  8. Monster says:

    I agree Duane. I love disagreeing. O btw I said 3 in in monticello and 4 in lafayette. Lol I WAS WRONG TOO

  9. Jim says:

    Chad sticks to his guns yes. However he had a forecast out there on the high side that was his option to say. Now we haven’t heard what happened to the prediction he thought was going to happen. Monster is right. Okay sZy I was high here is why here is what went on and i was off. That is was monster is saying. Keep you thoughts coming monster I see what you are saying.

  10. Monster says:

    After looking at models yesterday I pulled my totals down to 1 in to. I didnt evan schuedle guys for this morning knowing that. And yes yesterday chad got some of it right but I didnt see any one get 6 in but this system was very weird. Thank god I don’t have chads job.

  11. Monster says:

    I’m actually glad chad was off. I know now he is human. Lol im sure he will nail the next one. Like I said batter up Chad.

  12. Monster says:

    O ya james I didn’t see 59 weather. I watch tv 18. Yes im giving you a hard time. Don’t think that I dont like you I’m just playing w you. Lol

  13. Mark says:

    Just watch fox59 for your weather details! Exciement and Anticipation is what he’s selling!

  14. Jim says:

    Fox 59 he doesn’t even watch tv18 what a joke

  15. Teri says:

    Chad kept posting that this is a very difficult system to forecast, he repeated himself constantly, by saying that models are not in agreement and some places might see an inch others, possibly 6″. I think Chad made it very clear that all was uncertain. Thank you Chad for keeping us updated!

  16. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Here we go again southeast will be getting the next one. Wow

  17. Brad says:

    Monster, so you’re saying you won’t jump on fox 59, but you will ch. 18. Chad you did alright….you told us it was hard & you told us why. Monster, its like saying it will be 37 at the first of the week, then dropping it to 31 by late week. Will you have a fit then?

  18. Cliff says:

    OK!! A raise of hands. Who was around for the “blizzard of 78″ on this date?? And some say they want a blizzard…only if they knew. Channel 6 has a story on it. 3 days of 60 MPH winds/-50 below temps/15-20 foot drifts and quite a few deaths.

  19. Teri says:

    Cliff I remember the blizzard well! I have many photos. Days with of being snowed in and now power..was horrible..

    Looks to be a beautiful sunset after a snowy start to the morning..actually the snow was pretty this morn. very sparkly:)

  20. Jim says:

    Monster Mad Man we are surrounded by fellow bloggers who love us

  21. Monster says:

    Brad!!! What the heck r u talking about. That made no since. Yes clif I too remember 78. Wow guess I am that old. That would be a lot of fun if that happened again. I remember spending lots of time w my family. One good memory I have of being a kid.

  22. Ron says:

    The snow was so lame! Here in Crawfordsville we got maybe 1/4″ and it only snowed for about 2 hours. It wasn’t worth the hassle and headache about trying to figure out how much we were going to get! Major disappointment!

  23. Monster says:

    O ya brad I have been watching tv 18 for many years. I wasn’t having fit bro all you guys where cuz I said chad missed a week out. What is wrong with everyone. He missed no fit not bad mouthing not evan angry. Dont jump down my throat. Lol some of you guys make me laugh to much.

  24. Jim says:

    Monster I’m with you. Brad what are you talking about.

  25. Lisa says:

    Only flurries of snow here in Newton County. *big sigh* I just want moisture to alleviate the drought! The last thing I want to have to do is dig a new well!!!

  26. mike in dayton says:

    I loved the blizzard of ’78 cliff, and I’d take it again in a heartbeat!

  27. mike in dayton says:

    James, what’s the difference between a forecast of “a dusting to 2″, and a forecast of 1″-3″? There’s a two inch differential, and I’d say a dusting to 2″ was spot in.

  28. Bill in C'ville says:

    Model runs keep trying to put a decent snowfall in our area Feb 5th. Just saying L.O.L.

  29. Bill in C'ville says:

    Accuweather is starting to hype an ice storm for central Indiana Sunday

  30. Craig says:

    What happened to all of the old commenters who actually commented about weather facts and events. Now the comments are just full of people screaming rabble,rabble,rabble often in broken English (hint, this isn’t twitter, you have space to type complete words). I used to enjoy and learn from the comments. Now I dread even reading them.

  31. Monster says:

    Hay bill I saw that. Im not a big accuweather guy but I see a negative ao so good for us. Hope it holds true for feb. Hope no ice foe sunday. Should melt quickly mon though

  32. ML in Rochester says:

    I was around for the blizzard of 1978. It was horrible.

  33. Jim says:

    Bill monster I m surprised at the ice storm comments. No way. Lisa where you live in newton county Live in Kentland. Got a dusting today hardly 1 inch

  34. Cliff says:

    Yeah saw that Teri!! What a fireball!! So pretty!! Now if it was only 75 degrees out!! Ha!

  35. Cliff says:

    Mike…in Dayton have you been to see a Dr. lately?? Ha!

  36. Jim says:

    Mike what are you talking about ?

  37. Lisa says:

    Jim….yes, I live in the country between Kentland and Brook. There isn’t enough snow to even blow across the road. My kids got lots of snow in Muncie today! As far as the blizzard of 1978….oh, how well I remember that one. I was a senior in college. I could use some snow, but not enough to disrupt my daily life…just to make it a winter wonderland. I really like winter. As far a weather predications go……I just wait to see what happens. It is out of our hands. There is no point in worrying about something one cannot control.

  38. Monster says:

    Ya jim I think your right no way on the ice if we get any at all wont be much. Not enough snow pack to keep temps down below freezing for a long period.

  39. Monster says:

    I see a very active pattern for next couple weeks. We will have to see what chad says about it in the next couple days.

  40. James says:

    Mike in Dayton

    How can a dusting to 2″ be a good forecast? That’s a huge difference. Do us a favor & go to fox 59 from now on. Heck at Christmas WTHR had like a 5-10″ total on the map. Chad is the only meteorologist I know that uses 1″ increments. I rely on this in my business. I can’t count on Indy as they are too broad. If you think that is accurate than plz to to them Mike.

  41. mike in dayton says:

    Wow James..LOL

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