1.0″ As of 9:24 a.m………1.5″ Reported Between Attica & Odell

January 25th, 2013 at 9:25 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Measured a fluffy 1.0″ of snow that melted down to 0.06″ at West Lafayette at 9:24 a.m.  1.5″ was reported between Attica & Odell.  Band of moderate snow is sitting from Peru to Burlington, but the rest is light snow.  Akron, in Fulton County has reported 1.0″.

There has been very nice, impressive frontgenical banding of the snow just southeast of the viewing area with several area reported heavy snow & 1/4 mile visibility for a while southeast of Kokomo & Tipton.  Muncie airport has had moderate to heavy snow for the past two-three hours.

However, moderate to isolated bursts of heavy snow is also pivoting in from the northwest, so it may pick up again in the viewing area & snow up to midday. & early afternoon.


33 Responses to “1.0″ As of 9:24 a.m………1.5″ Reported Between Attica & Odell”

  1. Monster says:

    This sure doesn’t look like no 3-6 chad. Love you to death but ya missed this one for our area. I understand your job is difficult but our area didnt get what you where thinking.

  2. Jim says:

    Monster mad man final total Kentland maybe a inch pushing it. See grass still in west laf. Pathetic. Event

  3. Mike in Dayton says:

    That sure seems like an optimistic 1″. Nobody is dissing on chad, understand its a tough job. Unfortunately when the call first came out on this about 4 days ago, it started right out with a 4-6 projection. We always seem to start high and whittle it down. Next time, lets start out by saying we might get a flurry and a 1″ and hope like heck time it gets here it’ll be a foot! This “snowfall” is pretty disappointing for sure!

  4. Monster says:

    Yeah this is a very disappointing snow

  5. Monster says:

    It does look like after next week we’re going to get some snow though

  6. Monster says:

    But Jim is probably miss us too

  7. Jim says:

    Yea really. What a dud this was way off

  8. jks says:

    Just wait it will snow Feb.9, I guarantee it. My husband and I are going on a mini-vacation to friends up by Chicago.

  9. Doug in Flora says:

    Snowfall has ceased here. About one inch; perhaps slightly more.

  10. Jim says:

    Really lets flip a coin on that. Hey feb9 the big one lol

  11. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Snowing pretty gud up air in montycella.

  12. Monster says:

    The big 1 I’d settle for a 6 inch know

  13. Monster says:

    Let me rephrase that I would settle for a 4 inch snow lol

  14. mad man from afghanistan says:

    This place blows, im moving to buffalo, ny were it snows in feet not this 1 inch bs.

  15. Jim says:

    Little off on this one I said 2

  16. Monster says:

    I hear you mad man

  17. Jim says:

    Chad we all got a inch

  18. Monster says:

    Yeah Jim you were wrong too bro lol I was way off to you buddy

  19. Jim says:

    Well I didn’t say 6. What a all time joke. Not even a school delay Any where. I know it dried up!

  20. Spider says:

    I want to move too! We hardly ever get snow! :(

  21. Jim says:

    They can mow lawns in fowler today plenty of grass still showing.

  22. Crista says:

    i dislike these nuisance snows….a lot.
    Go big or go home……lol

  23. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Ya know even if we did get , lets say a foot, i would be gone in like 2 days because of the warm up coming, unbelievable!!!!

  24. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Cant win for losing around here!!!

  25. Monster says:

    I don’t think we ever win around here man man we always lose

  26. Jim says:

    Crista love your attitude !

  27. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I think anyone would have more luck playing pick up sticks with there butt cheeks, than getting snow around here, seriously, lol

  28. PrincessMadea says:

    Geez Monster take it easy on Chad!

  29. Duane C says:

    Everyone has the right to their opinion. Chad does a good job, but when he misses he misses. Babe Ruth struck out more times than he hit home runs. We bloggers don’t need to defend Chad everytime he misses. It is the weather, he’s going to miss. He did miss and if Monster, Jim, and Madman want to say so than they should be able to say so. I agree witth them on this one. Hurricane Prangley use to play everthing up like we going to have major disasters. At least Chad tries to give us his reasoning behind the predictions. You use what you have and go with it. Unfortunately the models were all over with this one. Chad tried to make chicken salad out of chick chit. When you do that it is not going to come out tasting too good.

  30. Tim in mace says:

    1 inch in Montgomery county. Schools closed in southern indiana(forest park) due to freezing rain.

  31. Jim says:

    Awesome Duane. Thx. Our weather is a strike out every time

  32. mad man from afghanistan says:

    You are absolutley correct Duane C. I like the chick chit, that was funny..

  33. Ryan H says:

    Don’t let em get you down Chad! You had good reasons to go against the models. You can’t get everything right all the time. We should be grateful you get about 98% of the time. Keep up the great work. See ya on our next weather maker….. Probably Sundays ice event.

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