Excellent Example of Frontagenical Forcing/Banding & Its Effects On Snowfall

January 23rd, 2013 at 4:12 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Very good example of frontagenic banding is present today with weak clipper.  This is a front at surface & in 850-700 mb layer.  There, in the SGZ, sharp temp contrast exists.  Very efficient dendrite/snowflake production occurs in these situations.  You can squeeze out 3″ of snow from 0.11″ of liquid.  Ratios in Illinois in that band have been as high as 22:1 today, when typical ratio is 10:1 (1″ of snow is 0.10″ of liquid or 10″ snow is 1″ of liquid).  Ideal frontagenic snowfall banding occurs when strong upper jet exists over the banding.

These band are often intense & slow-moving.  Such has been the case in Illinois with a 7.5-mile wide band of +4″ on Doppler radar.  In our area, a band has developed over Tipton County with up to 0.5″ snow per hour.  Otherwise, up to 1″ of snowfall has occurred in some places today.  I have had just a trace at WLFI.

5 Responses to “Excellent Example of Frontagenical Forcing/Banding & Its Effects On Snowfall”

  1. mike in dayton says:

    So what about this big snow tomorrow night/ Friday???

  2. Monster says:

    I remember last time that happend was dec of 2000 it happened over lafayette to crawfordsville. We got 5 in of snow and they called for flurries.

  3. Jim says:

    That map chad put up shows dark blue snowfall over newton county. Chad I see no flakes. Still see grass was just in morocco nothing. So my total in newton county is 0 inches. Is this a dry zone?

  4. Jim says:

    Mad man I don’t see anything still see grass.

  5. Ben in Evansville (Indy now) says:

    I looked up “frontagenical” on dictionary.com and it is not a word. But, if Chad says it is a word, it is a word! Here’s to hoping for nice amount of snow on Thur. night and Friday!

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