Wind Gusts to 45 mph Possible With Arctic Front Overnight

January 19th, 2013 at 8:17 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

It is a balmy 42.2 degrees as of 10:39 p.m. in West Lafayette, but Arctic front is looming & racing our way.

The Arctic cold front/clipper has produced winds up to 61 mph near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Wind gusted to 55 mph at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  Temperature went from 38 at 2 p.m. to 5 as of 10 p.m. with winds gusting to over 30 mph.  Mason City, Iowa has gusted to 55 mph.  Wind chills in North Dakota are now down to -30.

Arctic air will rush in here overnight with temperatures dropping from the 40s to the teens to around 20 rapidly.  As it roars in, winds may gust to 45 mph at times over a 2- to 3-hour period.  Even tomorrow morning, winds may gust to 35 mph, dropping winds chill to -4.

Amazing there is really no snow pack from here all the way to Minnesota.  I can’t image how much more potent this cold air would be if there was!  This is the most potent Arctic front since January 2011 in what was a bitter winter with the heaviest snowfall at West Lafayette since winter 1981-82.  That year, the AO went into its most negative mode since 1977 (Arctic Oscillation [when negative = colder pattern here]).


41 mph    Fowler

38 mph    Covington

36 mph    Rochester

36 mph    Grissom Air Reserve Base

36 mph    Kokomo Municipal Airport

36 mph    Kokomo

36 mph    Indianapolis Executive Airport (East-Southeast of Lebanon)

36 mph    Burlington

36 mph    Atlanta

36 mph    Frankfort

36 mph    Rensselaer

34 mph    Jasper County Airport

33 mph    Crawfordsville

33 mph    Attica

33 mph    WLFI-TV

32 mph    Cass County Airport

31 mph    Purdue University Airport


52    Crawfordsville

52    Covington

51    Attica

51    WLFI-TV

51    Purdue University Airport

51    Frankfort

50    Fowler

50    Jasper County Airport

50    Rensselaer

50    Remington

50    Atlanta

50   Burlington

50    Indianapolis Executive Airport (East-Southeast of Lebanon)

49    Grissom Air Reserve Base

49    Cass County Airport

49    Rochester

49    Kokomo

48    Kokomo Municipal Airport

3 Responses to “Wind Gusts to 45 mph Possible With Arctic Front Overnight”

  1. Teri says:

    The wind woke me and my dogs a few times during the night..I have a dog that barks at the wind,ugh. My anemometer is broken so I have no idea how strong the gusts were. Temp is 20.2*, 17* less than this time yesterday morn..and its only going to get worse..YIKES!

  2. Jim says:

    Artic blast is here

  3. Mary Anne Best says:

    The wind woke us in the night as well. Peak gust only showed 34 mph but I think not far up in the air it was a lot stronger.

    Temp is 16* under bright sunny skies!!

    MA in REM

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