Least Snowfall January 1-17 Since 2000 at West Lafayette

January 17th, 2013 at 10:45 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

I have measured just a trace of snow at West Lafayette as of January 17 for the month.  This is the least amount of snow for the first 17 days of January since 2000 when NO snowfall was recorded.  A trace has been measured on several days, but it has yet to reach 0.1″ of accumulation or greater.

January 1-17, 2006 & January 1-17, 2007 also had low amounts of snow with just 0.1″ recorded for the period.

What is interesting about the snowless stretch of January 1-17, 2000 is that this came to a dramatic end with 7″ of snowfall on the morning of January 20 & then 2.4″ on January 23.  4.5″ of snow fell January 30-31.  At least 4″ of snowfall was on the ground January 20-February 8.  At least 1″ was on the ground January 19-February 10.


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  1. John McIntosh says:

    Chad- So counting rain in the mix just how are we doing with total precipitation this winter?

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