Significant Winter Storm to Our South Today-Tonight…….& Thursday-Friday

January 15th, 2013 at 9:44 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


Creeks & streams have crested & Wabash at Lafayette has crested & will now begin to fall.

Wabash River at Covington will crest at 18.7′ or nearly 3′ above flood stage early Thursday morning.  Five Crossings, a local county river park at old U.S. Highway 136 bridge site begins to flood at 18′.


After a cool, wet September-October & a normal, very dry November, December was warmer-than-normal with normal snowfall.  January has been warmer-than-normal with below-normal snowfall so far.

What is interesting is that most locations all around us have had much more snow in December & January & we (& an area & central Illinois & around Chicago) are the least snowiest of any location in the Corn Belt for winter 2012-13 (so far).

As of now, we have had 6.2″ of snowfall for the winter at WLFI.  This is LESS than we had this time last year.  HOWEVER, we had much MORE snowfall than anyone around us last year.  We had much more snow than Indianapolis & locations southward.  It was also misleading………..the snowfall we did receive (snow depth peaked at 6.4″ in mid-January after a 4″ snowfall event) melted within 24-36 hours normally.  So, despite snowfall only slightly below normal last winter, the incredible warmth melted what we received quickly, given the illusion of hardly any snowfall.

This year has been colder, for sure & it has been a more typical winter for the Corn Belt as a whole (though temps running above normal………..snowfall is normal).  So, we hit the jackpot last year compared to other locations, but this year, we have missed much snow.

Chicago has been worse.  They can’t buy accumulating snowfall.  It has either been north, east, west, south or southeast of them!

A LONG-DURATION negative NAO/AO will keep us cold through February 2.  Combine that with the incredibly active subtropical jet to our south & the potential of getting more substantial snowfall is high.  Troughiness & cold, cold weather will be the story for the eastern U.S. for several weeks.  I still think some overnight lows below zero are in the cards.  We had one single night below zero last winter, but multiple nights below zero are likely in the coming weeks.


A significant winter storm with damaging icing from Louisiana & Mississippi to Tennessee (Ice Storm Warnings in effect) & snow & sleet from Texas to Kentucky & far southern Indiana will evolve today & tonight.

I am still going to keep an eye on the swath of snow & sleet now in northern Arkansas & moving into Missouri to make sure there is no sort of wobble northwestward.

HRRR model brings light snow as far north as Indianapolis this evening-tonight.


The storm will then bring snowfall to the Northeast U.S. Wednesday.

Another winter storm will bring accumulating snow deep into the South Thursday-Friday Hattiesburg, Mississippi & Montgomery, Alabama may see a coating with 6-10″ possible from northern Mississippi to Tennessee, to northern Alabama & North Carolina.  The Smokey Mountains could easily see 12″.  Current data suggests 2-4″ in the Atlanta metro area.

 AS FOR US………..

An Alberta Clipper skimming by Thursday may bring a few snow showers.

Another Alberta Clipper (& a strong cold front) may bring a few snow showers Saturday evening-night, as well as Sunday.  A dusting is possible in places.

A clipper Martin Luther King Day (Monday) may bring a wave of snow showers with some lake enhancement in our northeast.  1″ of less of accumulation is possible.

Yet another clipper may bring a wave of snow showers Wednesday.  1″ less of accumulation is possible.

Much colder weather will move in early next week with highs only in the teens.



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  1. Crista says:

    Can we please order some interesting weather? It’s so B..o..r..i..n..g…..
    (this time of year always seems to be)
    Feel free bloggers…to remind me that I said this if we get a monster storm and I loose power and am whining about it on here…

  2. Crista says:

    Lose….not loose…autocorrect bugs me…

  3. Jim says:

    Our time will come.

  4. Crista says:

    :) (smiling and crossing fingers Jim)

  5. Jim says:

    Crista it will happen. It would be great to see Chad and everyone agree on the same track and amount . That never happens. Chad seems to be on. Most of the time.

  6. Autumn says:

    I’m awaiting our snowstorm. :)

    I’m certain our Jan. snow totals out here are much less than the station’s.

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