Comparing Last January to This One

January 15th, 2013 at 9:56 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

January was very warm last year.  Daffodils were way up & even snowdrops began to blossom to end the month.  10 of the 31 days had highs in the 50s.  In the very windy month of January 2012, we actually had a potent hailstorm in the early morning hours of January 17 with temperature near 60.

Any cold weather was brief, but we did have one morning below zero.  Impressively, 2 days after that it was 51.

Also, despite a month that ran nearly 8 degrees above normal, we actually had above-normal snowfall in January 2012.

Thing is, for the 7 p.m. snowfall observation measurement, the average depth for the month was a measly 0.4″.  This tells the story: the snow melted as quickly as it came in January of 2012.  It did not last long at all after falling.  Nonetheless, we were one of the snowier areas of the Corn Belt & Midwest last winter, even if the accumulations melted quickly.  No snowfall exceded 4″ here at the station.

This year has been colder & the snow has lasted longer.  However, we have been one of the lesser snowy areas of the Midwest & Corn Belt.  In fact, in our eastern & southeastern counties, it has been a very snowy winter with Atlanta & Tipton area receiving already 16-17″ snowfall for the winter.  Southern Indiana to Kentucky to Arkansas & Dallas have had more snowfall than Chicago.

We have had 6.2″ here at WLFI for winter 2012-13.

With lots of cold weather on the way & some snowfall, we will see our average January 2013 temperature dip & put snowfall on the board before month’s end.


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