Mix of Snow, Sleet & Freezing Rain Sunday

January 12th, 2013 at 11:29 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog


After heavy rainfall of 1-1.75″ from northwest to southeast tonight (Flood Watch Tipton & Boone counties), a mix of snow, sleet & freezing rain (beginning Sunday morning northwest of Lafayette) will occur across the viewing area through the day before ending by Sunday evening.


Temperatures look to fall all day from 32 in the morning to 26 by Sunday late afternoon.  Temperature should drop to 32 at Morocco by 4 a.m., Lafayette by 7 a.m. & reach U.S. 31 by 10 a.m.


Winds may gust to 25 mph Sunday, but the highs gusts to 35 mph will occur later tonight-early Sunday morning.


Accumulation projections for snow, sleet & freezing rain are approaching Winter Storm Warning criteria in Illinois & less in Missouri.  Consensus points towards 2-6″ of snowfall in Illinois with up to 0.6″ of sleet & 0.5″ of glaze ice.

AS FOR OUR VIEWING AREA, around 0.5″ to as much as 2″(highest potential amount) of snow/sleet are possible with the best potential of the higher snow/sleet accumulations in our northwestern counties.  Up to 0.1″ of glaze is possible area-wide, but it may exceed that a bit in our northwest counties (0.15″ glaze).

Banding features in the precipitation projections will result is some variance of this range across the area within pretty short distances.

Winter Weather Advisory will likely be issued for part of if not for all of the viewing area for Sunday.  It may start as Winter Weather Advisory & may or may not be upgraded to Winter Storm Warning for Illinois.  Just trying to project what direction NWS will go based on the potential accumulations.  Winter Storm Warning trigger may not be pulled because it appears the really intense 6″ snowfall totals & high glazing accretions will occur in narrow bands as those banding features become established there in Illinois tonight.

25 Responses to “Mix of Snow, Sleet & Freezing Rain Sunday”

  1. mad man from afghanistan says:

    I thought it was winter, what happened,,, went driving and got bugs on my windshield, whats up with that!!!

  2. Kist of West Lafayette says:

    I agree Mad Man, its a beauty day nonetheless.

  3. Jims says:

    I’ve seen mosquitoes flying around today.

  4. Teri says:

    And I saw bees!

  5. Teri says:

    and Robbins:(

  6. Teri says:

    and crocuses popping up!

  7. Jim says:

    And that means change is in The air.

  8. Jim says:

    Per salting of roads going on S we speak the state knows something.

  9. Teri says:

    Temp is holding at 60* looks like rain is getting near.

  10. Mary Anne Best says:

    re: birds, etc…and bugs…NO COLD WX to kill them off!! I heard birds yesterday morning when I was out feeding the cat and winter birds!

    High was 59* here. I did go for a walk, beautiful out there!

    MA in REM

  11. jks says:

    I had flies and lady bugs in the house.

  12. Carol says:

    Oh Winter, where art thou?

  13. mike in dayton says:

    What about the event that was to be Monday night/Tuesday???

  14. Doug in Flora says:

    Maybe we don’t want to know… ;-)

  15. Jim says:

    This situation is weird. Chad do you have a update?

  16. Tim in mace says:

    Woodpecker outside of house today and even a bee flying in garage today.

  17. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Well when its uncertain, that usually means we are gonna get pummeled, and i would say , its about time!

  18. Jim says:

    The national weather service has just issued winter weather advisory for northwest indiana. Something’s going. On. Chad update time. We trust you.

  19. Teri says:

    Love the comments today, on Chad’s blog.

  20. Teri says:

    Mary Anne you are in it, as I am sure you know!

  21. Monster says:

    Every thing looks on schuedle to mee good call chad im sure we will get weather advisory soon and did you see tornado warning in southern indiana wow

  22. Ryan H says:

    Rain just started here 20 minutes ago on the west side. Quite a slug of moisture heading this way!

  23. Teri says:

    Rain just started in Lafayette.

  24. Jim says:

    Kentland has rain

  25. Jim says:

    Mary Ann spring is over

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