Signals of Sustained, Cold Pattern with Some Below-Zero Lows In Latter January

January 11th, 2013 at 2:30 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Substantial stratospheric warming is a signal of a weakening polar vortex.  This will allow the free flow of cold waves to penetrate the central United States over the next few weeks.  Strong polar vortex (like last year with very little stratospheric warming) keep the cold locked up in Canada & near the Arctic Circle.  Much of latter January looks quite cold with several mornings below zero.

The warming signature usually coincides with the cold wave unleashed in 1-2 weeks.

Alaska has been very, very cold this winter, but will have warmer weather with some upper ridging taking over during the next 1-2 weeks.

This will also point to more snowfall.



7 Responses to “Signals of Sustained, Cold Pattern with Some Below-Zero Lows In Latter January”

  1. Crista says:

    So, Chad, are you saying there is still hope for some significant snowfall? I am about to put my snow accessories such as boots, sleds, etc. away…. :)

  2. Mary Anne Best says:

    Alas for the below zero temps but we need that to kill all these flu bugs!! Trust me…I am old, LOL!

    MA in REM

  3. Doug in Flora says:

    H-m-m-m…still hope for my 17 inches…maybe…

  4. TomL says:

    “more snowfall” is music to my ears! Keep it coming, Chad!

  5. Carol says:

    Yes! I love spring weather…during spring. And when it is January, then I like snow. Today I am putting winter-ish decorations away because they seem outdated! I do admit…it is a beautiful day.

  6. Jim says:

    Chad forecast for Kentland says snow sleet freezing rain sat into snow ? What’s the update on this?

  7. Mary Anne Best says:

    I’m seeing this, too Jim!

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