1-2″ of Rainfall Possible Thursday-Saturday

January 6th, 2013 at 10:51 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Between the two wave of substantial rainfall Thursday-Saturday, a total of 1-2″ of rainfall is possible.  No snow at all is expected.  A rumble of two of thunder is possible Saturday.

Temperatures will warm to 46 by Thursday, 52 Friday & 55 Saturday.  Temperatures will drop to the 20s & 30s Sunday-Monday.

18Z gfs Northcentral United States Forecast Accumulated Precip Type: Animation


2 Responses to “1-2″ of Rainfall Possible Thursday-Saturday”

  1. jks says:

    I wished the rain we are to have Saturday was what we had 15 years ago, I drove my daughter to the hospital going 25mph all the way while she was having contractions with my granddaughter. Thing was I don’t drive in bad weather. We made it safely and have a beautiful granddaughter.

  2. TomL says:

    1-2″ of rain could be a nice 10″ snowfall. It’s winter! Where’s the snow? :(

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