December 31st, 2012 at 10:07 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Up to 1.0″ of snow has fallen in the viewing area.  The highest totals are in the northern parts of the viewing area with most of the area in a hole of less than 1″.  1-2″ has fallen near Terre Haute to Greencastle to Indianapolis with 2-3″ in Illinois.

Banded, heavy snowfall is occurring south of I-70 in the southern part of the state right now, where up to 3.3″ has fallen (atop 11-15″ of snow pack!), but such banding has not formed north of there yet.

It appears I will have to cut totals once again to 1-2″ range for total accumulation with highest totals in our southern counties.  The 2-4″ totals will occur south of I-70 where bands of pretty heavy snow continue.  Some pretty good snow is lining up on the south half of the Indianapolis area, too.

Models suggest some bands filling in to our southwest overnight & whatever is left to our west arriving into the viewing area.  However, heavier snows with nice banding will stay south of our area.

Watch for slick roads as we drop through the 20s with northwest winds increasing to gusts of 20-25 mph by early morning.

Also data hints at some lake effect snow showers in the viewing area part of tomorrow, mainly our northeast & east counties, so will keep 20% POP in for snow Tuesday.





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  1. Jim says:

    Mad man what you think. No snow maybe a inch the NWC was accurate.

  2. Jim says:

    Chad is more accurate with timing and amounts. Great job chad. Have a good new year

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