0.4″ As of 3:16 p.m.

December 31st, 2012 at 3:11 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

The snow is not sticking on the roads & not much on the cars, but it is sticking on the trees & accumulating atop our snow pack.

0.4″ has been measured on the snow board as of 3:16 p.m. at WLFI.

Temperature has come back up to 32.2 after falling from 35.6 to 31.1 degrees.  This corresponds with the decreasing snowfall rate & the decreased flake size for now.  Temperature dropped to 31.1 when the snowfall rate was higher & snowflake size larger.

This is that first wave with 1″ or less.  The next wave will arrive this evening-tonight.

I still like less than 1″ to as much as 3-4″ & isolated 5″ amounts tonight.  Those 3-4″ & an isolated 5″ amount would be in our far south as models show nice frontogenic, intense mesoscale banding near I-74.  Others have it more near/south of I-70, but like the I-74 set-up more right now.  If it ends up I-70, I’d have to cut the totals.

Otherwise, the amounts will taper with northward extent, though as of 3:22 p.m., the heaviest totals today have been in a band over our northeastern & northwestern counties & another band of +1″ from the southeast side of Indianapolis to Beech Grove to Zionsville & Lebanon.

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