December 25th, 2012 at 10:50 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

As we continue to track the system, these snowfall projections & wind gust projections are subject to some tweaking.  I still like near 2 to as much as 7″ of snowfall for the viewing area from northwest to southeast.  The only change is I went from 3-7″ to 2-7″.  This is the latest………..



29 Responses to “Update”

  1. Crista says:

    Our direct tv switched us to Indy locals…can someone tell me what the weatherman said?

  2. Monster says:

    Chad said same forecast around 5 in for Lafayette.

  3. Crista says:

    Oh…boring….thanks though.

  4. Brandon says:

    Getting gusty east side of crawfordsville…air feels damp for 30 degrees

  5. Monster says:

    Hay chad do you see any changes in the storm or is it going where everyone thought? Is it taking a little more nw track???

  6. Rob says:

    Winds really starting to howl out in Boswell

  7. jen says:

    So, I know not to “trust” other sites but a certain site is showing a coating for Monticello for tomorrow….lol

  8. jks says:

    This is worse than waiting on a baby. If it is going to snow let it come. I’m tired of the waiting. I should have gotten more things when I was at the store Monday but didn’t even think of the storm. If it is going to be bad I’m hoping and praying the electricity doesn’t go out.

  9. Monster says:

    Jen that would be acuweather and they r always wrong.

  10. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Monster you are right accuweather sux big donkey dongs!!!!!

  11. Crista says:

    Mad Man…I just giggled out loud at your blog entry. It was nicely edited….lol

  12. jen says:

    I just thought it was funny. I agree jks, if it’s going to snow let it snow, but I too would rather not lose electricity. Our generator is currently being worked on so we don’t have that right now. We live in the country and we live in kind of a low spot that makes it hard to get in and out of our road at times. To make matters worse I work afternoons and most county plows go home around 4 or so, makes for a rough trip home.

  13. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Why not throw in some humor, it makes it more fun, and monster you better be drinking some red bull, or some monsters bro, you got a long day a plowin my man, lol, , remember red bull gives us wings

  14. Monster says:

    You’re right madman I should be sleeping right now but I’m obsessed with the weather

  15. Ash from Lafayette says:

    Monster, Are you seeing the North West shift?

  16. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Me and you both the lunesta is kickin my bootay straightbrother, damn that shit will willknock you straight out

  17. ~Sher~ says:

    Guess it depends on what one considers to be “humor”…and trust me..I’m a very “open-minded” individual…but with that being said…

    Personally I don’t find myself laughing at that type comment & word usage…

    Just my opinion of course and guess I don’t have to stop by here and read the comments…but then again..guess you don’t have to use such “crude” language either….right?


  18. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Ba humbug haters

  19. ~Sher~ says:

    Plz don’t call me a “hater” just because I don’t agree with your use of words..


  20. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Thats were freedom of speech comes into play ,simple, if you dont want read it, then dont read it, to easy, right?

  21. ~Sher~ says:

    Rather difficult to NOT read it when one is going thru the comments and they are listed one right after another…

    Anyways..your right…I can easily remove myself from the situation…

  22. mad man from afghanistan says:

    With that being said there is policy on this site to were it implies no indecent use of words thanks

  23. Dustin Shadbolt says:

    Come on folks let’s get along and watch the storm move in! :)

    Chad, thanks for the great coverage even on Christmas! Really makes inspired to one day hopefully be a meteorologist.

    Dustin from Monon.

  24. mad man from afghanistan says:

    Right on dustin good for you bro, i hope we get a bunch here i. White county

  25. Teri says:

    Some freezing stuff is starting to fall where I am in Lafayette. Winds are picking up, as I found out, retrieving a special pillow out of the trash, accidentally thrown away.:(

    I am with you Sher..I hope we will be on the lighter side of the snow.

  26. Autumn says:

    Go snow

  27. Autumn says:

    WHAT???? You mean I can post again???

  28. Roger H says:

    Why are the indy stations predicting 4-8 inches for the Lafayette area? Guess only time will tell in which station is correct.

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