Bathed in Mild Air Through Saturday

December 12th, 2012 at 10:28 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Wow…………what a warm-up in Minnesota from below 0 & wind chills at -30 to 43 today at Minneapolis!  At this hour it is 41 there!

However, it is only in the 50s in Texas, so the air is very, very uniform from north to south, despite snowpack in the north.  In fact, Atlanta had 52 today & New Orleans 57, not too far off from the 50 at Kansas City & the 47 at Washington D.C., even the 44 here.  The big reason for the uniformity is the fact that the cold, dry air really rushed & swept the warm, humid air way, way south from Texas.  In fact, it shoved the really warmth air previously in place all the way down towards Belize after the big Blue Norther.  Recovery of warmth after a freeze down to the Rio Grande takes time.

We will be bathed in mild air through Saturday (even after that it isn’t too bad) with near 50 Thu;rsday, 50s Friday & 50 Saturday.

There is a lot of brutally cold air in Canada & Alaska, but the Polar Vortex is so strong, it is keeping it locked up along/just north of the U.S./Canadian border.  Last winter it was locked up farther north, (but similar locking) with only brief slight spills southward occurred.  The PR is not has strong this year, so I am thinking a few more dumps will occur, but nothing really bad.

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