Up to 0.9″ Snow Lastnight…………..White Christmas Thoughts

December 11th, 2012 at 2:24 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Good afternoon weather family!  I love the thoughts, collaboration & participation from all of you on here!  We are all a family on here who loves weather & climate!  Thank you!

Up to 0.9″ of snow fell last night in our northeast.  Andrew, in promotions here, said his car was covered in snow in southern Cass County.  I had just some “dandruff” on the car wind shield here in West Lafayette after flurries all night.

In my winter outlook, I had NO White Christmas this year.  We are 3-0 on White Christmas predictions, but we will see how this year unfolds. 

There is a system brewing around Christmas Eve.  Some models have nice snow event, but looking at the subtropical ridge east & southeast of here, thinking shift to the north is likely with rain here.

We will see…………

 With warm-up & California storm moving through central Illinois Saturday, showers are likely here.  That system could evolve into a Nor’Easter early next week with snow & wind in the Northeast U.S.  Meanwhile, another system will dive into southern California & that may bring us rain before Christmas.

5 Responses to “Up to 0.9″ Snow Lastnight…………..White Christmas Thoughts”

  1. Ryan H says:

    Any feelings for early next week Chad?

  2. ch n ffort says:

    Ok..bout to put the unlucky snowshovel away..lol. Anyone thought about the “snow dance” yet? Just a thought..lol

  3. Bill in C"ville says:

    I’m not putting my snowplow on my tractor this year, until I know 100% that I’m going to need it,L.O.L. Heck I might even mow my grass this weekend!!!!

  4. Becky says:

    What is this GFS, that some of you mentioned and does it still show a possibility of a white christmas ?

  5. Ryan H says:

    @ Becky, the GFS is the American weather model. There is also the European (Euro). These are weather models that meteorologists use a lot to guide some of there forecasts.

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