Warmer Thursday & Friday………..Weekend to Early Next Week Outlook

December 5th, 2012 at 10:01 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Noticed per recent observations that wind is already turning southeast in our southern & western counties.  That said, will tweak low temperature upward a bit tonight in our west & south, but keep them the same in our east.

Regardless, temperature has already dropped into the upper 20s & lower 30s viewing area-wide.

A storm system will bring showers Friday, followed by dry weather Saturday.  Showers are likely Sunday to Sunday night with a change to wet snow Monday as temperatures fall.  1″ or less of accumulation on grassy surfaces is possible with 3-8″ Nebraska to Iowa to far northern Illinois & Wisconsin.


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  1. Crista says:

    Well, at least it’s not sunny and warm. Even flurries is better than sun and 60′s or 70′s. The weather is supposed to be “frightful” so the fire can be “delightful”……You know the rest of the lyrics…. :)

  2. Crista says:

    Pardon my grammar…flurries “are” not “is”…..my grandma’s hillbilly roots were showing there…

  3. Tom says:

    Don’t worry Crista, there will be plenty of snow this winter. There could be more snow in March than December. I still think March is going to be a wild month. December of 1830, 1977 and 1884 were the best December’s if you like a lot of snow. Its too bad we were not alive in 1830 because that would have been the best December if you like snow.

  4. Crista says:

    You know Tom…I still think there will be too. I just hope it’s not one of those things where the day after Christmas, I’ll sit down to watch the evening news with a cup of cocoa and hear that we are in for a blizzard…THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS! Although I would love it, I would be disappointed that it didn’t come BEFORE Christmas. So if you that happens, know that I am yelling “IT FIGURES!!!” from the comfort of my home.

  5. Duane C says:

    Christa brings up something that I curious as to the answer. Tom, you seem to have lots of historical information. Do you happen to know how many “White Christmases” that the greater Lafayette has experienced over the years? I am a life long resident, but don’t recall there really being that many. I think sometimes we all remember the big snow events of our childhoods. I’m not so sure that there were as many as think:)

  6. Tom says:

    Crista- We are more likely to be shoveling snow on Spring Break this year than Christmas Day. Do you remember that song from the 1990s called Ironic? The words were “and who would of thought it figures”. lol In 1977 17 inches of snow fell from Dec. 1-22 but there was only a trace of snow on the ground Christmas Day. It never snows when you want it to.

  7. Tom says:

    24 hour snowfall totals recorded on Christmas Day at West Lafayette.

    2010- 4.1 inches
    2002- 5.3 inches
    1993- 2.0 inches
    1984- 0.5 inches
    1980- Trace
    1978- Trace
    1975- 0.5 inches
    1969- Trace
    1961- Trace

    You are right Duane, snow has only been recorded 9 times on Christmas day since 1960. I have lived in Indiana all of my life and I only remember it snowing twice on Christmas Eve. 2010 and 2002. I will post more later.

  8. Crista says:

    Lol…Alanis Morrisette ….yes…I know the song.r must be of a similar age. And I know the whole white Christmas thing doesnt happen often.But some flurries or light snow would be nice. Im one of those odd people who likes inclement weather and extremes. Im also a girl and addicted to the “The Walking Dead” so enough said. Im not the average. I always appreciate the input Tom. The historical data is awesome!

  9. Duane C says:

    Christa, I am a snow lover too. Tom, thanks for the information. I look forward to reading the rest. A little snow prior to Christmas does seem to put most people in a better mood!

  10. Crista says:

    It does Duane. It helps me get motivated to wrap gifts and bake.

  11. Tom says:

    Thanks Crista! I couldn’t think of her name. We probably are about the same age. Alanis was on that show called “You Can’t Do That on Television” in the 1980s. Do you remember that show? You are not odd Crista, a lot of people like extreme weather.

  12. Crista says:

    I knew she was on it but never saw it. That was when Nickelodeon was just getting started.

  13. Tom says:

    Christmas Day snow continued

    1956- Trace
    1952- 0.1 inches
    1951- Trace
    1948- 0.2 inches
    1947- 0.5 inches
    1944- 4.2 inches
    1938- Trace
    1935- 4.0 inches
    1934- 2.0 inches
    1929- 0.5 inches
    1926- 1.0 inches
    1925- 1.0 inches
    1921- Trace
    1920- Trace
    1918- Trace
    1915- 8.0 inches
    1910- Trace
    1909- 5.8 inches
    1906- Trace
    1900- Trace
    1898- 0.8 inches

    Snow has been recorded 30 times on Christmas Day since 1893 at West Lafayette.

  14. Crista says:

    That really isnt much relatively speaking….is it?

  15. Tom says:

    I figure there is about a 25 percent chance of snow being recorded at West Lafayette on Christmas Day. There may be snow on Christmas Day two years in a row and then no snow for the next five years. There is always hope because you never know what the weather will do. Christmas Day 1884-What a Christmas that was! I am going to talk about the year 1884 sometime soon. What a year! The weather was just nasty all year long.

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