Windy Day with Stratus/Stratocumulus & Falling Temperatures………….Outlook For the Weekend-Next Week

November 23rd, 2012 at 4:11 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Stubborn stratus/stratocumulus is hanging on area-wide with occasional holes in it for brief bursts of sun.  Thinking these clouds will gradually break up overnight, but it will likely not go totally clear.

Winds have been strong all day with gusts as high as 46 mph, while the temperatures have been falling since this morning.  We just dropped to 32 at WLFI & will drop to a low in the lower to middle 20s area-wide tonight.  The coldest readings will most likely be in our southwestern counties where the greateast break-up of the cloudiness will occur.  With this, there will still be a brisk breeze from the northwest, which will drop windchills to as low as 10.

It looks cold, cold for tailgaters & spectators of the Old Oaken Bucket games between IU & Purdue at Rose-Ade.

Cirrus may be on the increase Sunday, but it will be warmer.  Winds will be southwest at 10-20 mph with highs of 43-49.


Next system will arrive Monday evening-night with showers.  Showers will last periodically into Tuesday.  As temperatures fall, the rain may end as flurries Tuesday.  After this, highs will remain in the 30s for several days.

Some models still want to paint some accumulating snowfall around here, but I not jumping onto that bandwagon, yet.  We will watch, but I feel, right now, that early part of December has the better potential of accumulating snowfall around here.

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