Areas of Fog Tonight……….Hopefully Inversion Will Not Trap Fog/Any Low, Low Stratus

November 20th, 2012 at 4:37 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Skies will clear tonight & areas of fog will develop.  Some of it will be quite dense with visibilities at 0.25 mile.  Winds will be calm, an inversion will form & some low-level moisture with temperature cooling to the dew point will make for the fog underneath the surface high.

Tomorrow looks mostly sunny & 61-65 after the morning fog.

Now, in part of Iowa lastnight, the fog became very dense & a low, low stratus deck formed under the strengthening & ascending inversion & “Dirty High”.  This ruined their 60s day with temperatures staying in the 48-55 range with gray skies & fog.

Similar, but not identical conditions will exist in our area tonight.  I have seen us get cheated out of what would be really nice days during this time of year before.  They looked sunny in the data after any morning fog & that inversion trapped the low clouds & fog after the fog was so dense, such a stratus deck formed.

Let’s hope that DOES NOT happen tonight-tomorrow, ruining our warm, mostly sunny day.  Models do not show that happening, BUT they also don’t handle these inversion well in November, as history has shown over the past few years.



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