Perfect November Day…………Data Bit Warmer For Next Week, Specifically On Thanksgiving & Black Friday

November 16th, 2012 at 2:43 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

It is a perfect November day with sunny skies & temperatures running 50-55 after a frosty morning with some fog & 21-28 for the low temperatures.

The weekend looks perfect with highs in the 50s to even near 60.  Skies look sunny after frost & light fog in the mornings.

Data is warmer for next week with 60 by Tuesday & after some showers Tuesday night to the early half of Wednesday, it will only cool off to low 50s for Thanksgiving (increased it from mid 40s).  I increased the numbers from low 50s on Black Friday to middle to upper 50s.

Next week looks like a great week, other than skies clouding up Tuesday & some of those showers (0.05-0.15″) Tuesday night-early half of Wednesday.

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  1. Tom says:

    One the morning of Feb. 19, 1858 the snow was over 12 inches deep at Lafayette. The night train on the L&I railroad was delayed several hours by the snow. 1858-1859 reminds me of 1998-1999. The Summer of 1998 was very wet and in the Summer of 1858 there was a big flood. There was a big snowstorm on Jan. 2, 1999 and a big snowstorm on Jan.6-7 1859. The morning of January 5, 1859 was more like a morning in June than January at Lafayette, IN. On January 6-7 a snowstorm dumped 14 inches of snow on Lafayette and the temp. fell to 18 below on January 8. On the morning of January 22, 1859 the temp. fell to 11 below at Lafayette and a milk man, stiffened with cold, fell off his wagon and was picked up in a helpless condition. The milk man recovered.

  2. ~Sher~ says:

    Hi Chad…

    ALWAYS love when I read your forecasts like this one :)

    Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving Holiday :)

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