Drought Update

October 12th, 2012 at 11:36 am by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

Despite abundant rainfall early August-early October, viewing area remains in a long-term Light to Moderate Drought (D0-D1 on D0-D4 Scale with D4 being the worst).  At WLFI, after tremendous drought relief, we are back to running about 5″ below normal for 2012, given recent drier trend.  Another contributor to this is the recent uptick in dryness are windy days with VERY dry air.  In fact, we have had a few fire weather days recently with Red Flag Warnings in our northwestern counties.  Evaporation has been very high recently with these windy days with sunshine & low, low relative humidity.

The worst drought now since the 1930s continues to worsen in the Plains with Extreme Drought now back to northwestern Illinois.  Nearly the entire state of Nebraska is in Exceptional Drought, as is most of Kansas, part of Oklahoma, parts of Iowa, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota & Wyoming.

The Northwest U.S. has had one of the driest, hottest late summers & falls on record.  Seattle has had a record-dry 0.03″ over the past nearly 3 months!

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